We’ve all got eyes on Vico now. From being mama Coney’s favorite, this mayor of Pasig City is now the nation’s favorite. And it’s all for the right reasons!

Pasig City was one of the quickest to respond to the worsening situation following the global pandemic in the country. They allowed frontline workers to use tricycles as a mode of transportation from their houses to the hospitals. They disinfected streets using drones. They gave out food and supplies for their residents. Just today, in response to DILG’s order to abort the tricycle operations in Pasig due to its noncompliance with national order, the city deployed earth-friendly vehicles for the frontline workers to use.

We’re sure the man is doing a good job, but we’re also certain he’s not the only one.

Kit Nieto

This mayor of Cainta, Rizal is also getting his much-deserved credit for providing effective solutions. One of their most notable steps taken is their provision of food packs to residents whose incomes will suffer due to the enhanced community quarantine.


Marcy Teodoro

The public is also commending the Marikina City mayor for his various policies that have served as a huge help for his people. The local government of Marikina has set up disinfection areas and free shuttle rides for their employees.


Yorme Isko Moreno

Another official who has been making noise on social media is Yorme Isko, who has assured to provide food for 350,000 families in Manila.


Hard times like have really shown us a clear distinction on who deserved our vote, and who deserved to be somewhere outside the city hall. But good as their actions may be, let’s all remember that it has always been their duty to serve the people under their ruling. They are doing the minimum requirement of what is expected of them.

Still, though, we can’t help but say, “Sana all.”

How are you in your city?

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