The COVID-19 pandemic has put distance between us.

It has caused community lockdowns, travel bans, and the mandatory practice of social distancing. Recent COVID-19 related events have also magnified the differences in our political stances, putting an even bigger gap between the left, the middle, and the right, driving some of us to wage an online war (which is not good).

Still, when it comes to acting for the common good, we remain intact.

Just get this over with

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People just want one thing: for the pandemic crisis to end as soon as possible, with the smallest possible amount of victims. We don’t want any more news about people dying, catching the virus, people starving. No matter your status, no matter you beliefs, it’s painful to watch humanity suffer from a deadly disease outbreak and the social and economic collapse that resulted from it.

This is why we’ve stepped up in support of one another in these trying times.

Free Online Gigs and Workshops

Lockdown Series: an series of online gigs presented by Manila Groovy Nights

People can’t travel. We can’t hold events because that’s basically forming a large gathering, which is a recipe for disaster. Still, the musicians, dancers, actors, and other types of artists did not allow the virus to stop them from reaching their people with their craft.

Ever since the ECQ began, we’ve been having free performances from our music artists through Facebook live. Rappers like Curtismith are joining the #24BarsChallenge to express what they feel about the pandemic crisis. We’ve had a free dancing class from Chachi Gonzales. Through the talent of these gifted individuals, they have provided us with entertainment– a mental remedy to help us cope with our lockdown anxiety. 

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Donation Drives


It’s heartwarming to witness that so many random Filipino citizens, groups of people, brands and corporations, have put up fundraising efforts to gather financial support that would go to our frontline workers and the marginalized sectors of society. Even the most ordinary citizens have joined the cause to help in their own little ways, setting up donation drives to provide food and other basic necessities to small communities.

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The least we can do is be there for each other, despite the fact that we can’t get out of our damn houses. The future is uncertain, but let’s not turn a blind eye on the brighter side of the situation. We’re alone, but we’re together.

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