Screenshots, sometimes called “screencaps” or “screengrabs”, are images taken directly from a computer display. A screenshot is what you’re seeing directly on your screen, captured and saved in the gallery. 

Screenshots take up a huge space in our phone gallery. They vary depending on the content they show; sometimes it’s a selfie you were too lazy to download, a news article, a really stupid comment made by a random citizen on social media. Here are the most common types of screenshots we have.

The evidence.

In a group chat, it’s inevitable that one of your friends suddenly sends something regrettable. Before they realize what they’ve gotten themselves into and delete whatever garbage they’ve sent, you already have it, the receipt, saved in your storage for future use.


Not everyone is patient enough to undergo the process of saving and downloading one, so they head directly to the easier and faster-by-a-millisecond way: pressing the magical combo of the power button and the volume button together. Bam! You’ve got the meme, ready to be disseminated among your meme-loving peers.

The good (or really really bad) news.

We don’t have the time and energy to relay the point of an entire article to a friend, so the faster way of sharing information we deem interesting is by simply grabbing it directly from the screen and dumping it into you convo for your friend to read.

The “story” that can’t be downloaded.

Not every image can be downloaded right away. For example, photos and stories on Instagram. When we see one that’s too beautiful, or too controversial– something worth sending to your friends– we resort to the magic of taking screenshots.

The future reference.

Sometimes we come across content that seems interesting at first look, but we’re too preoccupied to absorb it. So we capture it into a screenshot and view it at a later time.

The video call.

Especially in the COVID-19 era, video calls have become our hangout place with family and friends. Whether you gather on Zoom or Skype, the closest thing you’ll have to a group selfie is the screenshot of your huddle.

Gaming achievement.

When we get a brag-worthy score on a mobile app, when the result in a Mobile Legends ranked game gives us 14 kills, 0 death, and 8 assists, a lot of us have the habit of saving it and showing it off on social media. 

Which of these types of screenshots do you have most in your device?


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