The Third And Last Time We’ll Write About Xander Ford

Can we all please stop now?

The first time we talked about him was when he transitioned from Marlou Arizala to Xander Ford. The second time was when he, along with Vhong Navarro, went viral for sexual allegations against each of them.

The third is now, and unless he becomes the next President of the Philippines or he comes up with the perfect formula for the COVID-19 vaccine, this is gonna be the last time we’ll dedicate our time publishing an article about him.

It’s strange how Xander Ford– specifically the act of engaging in any Xander Ford-related content to compete on who can throw him the most clever insults– has become people’s guilty pleasure.

Normally, we have cheesy rom-coms, and cringeworthy pop music as our indulgences that we’re not the proudest of. But due to some glitch in the reality, we now take pleasure devoting our time reading about and speaking against the notorious Ford, and we feel guilty about it because we could have been spending that amount of time doing something else, something like making the world a better place.

What’s worse is we are aware of the fact that our comments, shares, and angry reactions are the only things fueling the popularity he continues to enjoy today. The worst thing? He knows it, hence his non-stop attempts to gain and maintain relevance even if that would require him to go as far as claiming he’s now a member of the LGBTQIA community.

For real?

The former member of the now-disbanded boy group, Hasht5, admitted to being a bisexual through an Instagram post on Friday. He even kicked things up a notch by introducing a guy he claims to be his boyfriend.

Quite expectedly, Xander’s “revelation” caused a stir again. Although many people are enraged– especially the LGBTQIA community– because the social media personality is allegedly merely using this identity change as a cover-up for the allegations that he had sexually abused his ex-girlfriend, we have to admit that Xander is winning once again.

Shall we stop?

If you haven’t figured it out by now (which seems unlikely), no amount of bashing could stop Xander from doing what he does, because in the first place, your collective hate is what’s keeping his career alive.

So maybe, just maybe, if we stop giving him attention, if we stop commenting on his physical appearance every chance we get, this entire Xander Ford fiasco that has been revealing how hateful humans in social media can be will stop, too.

Do you agree that we should stop giving Xander attention?

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