Help humanity. Stay indoors. 

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

As much as we wish this all never happened, may the tragic fate of Italy serve as a lesson for the rest of the world. May the 27,980 infected people remind us that each and every one of us is accountable, and our individual actions will determine if our numbers will reach as high as that.

“Don’t do what we did.”


Similar to how we’ve been responding to the pandemic, Italy didn’t take it that seriously. They had fun outside, got drunk in bars, ate in restaurants, unaware that it’s the ordinary people and not the sick that spread the virus. They mistakenly thought a few lockdowns and canceled events should be enough to contain the virus– a mistake that caused 2,158 deaths as of 3:37 PM today, which could have been avoided if they had strictly obeyed the imposed protocols and health advisories.

And they’re warning us. 

The bad news is all over the media now. Log into your socials and you’ll be bombarded with how devastating the virus has become. It reached the point when the healthcare professionals had to choose whom to accommodate and whom to let go, due to the overwhelming surge of patients coming into the hospitals.

But like in every situation, there’s a silver lining. Lately, we’ve been hearing real stories of recoveries, innovations, solutions– one of which is as simple and trivial as STAY INDOORS.

It’s a simple measure. Technically, you just refrain yourself from stepping through the doorway that connects your house to the outside world. Humanity is not asking much from us. It is not requiring you to enlist in the military or become a healthcare volunteer. There are already good people who have filled that role, and they’re risking their lives out there. FOR YOU!

And you? You just stay indoors. If it sounds like such a daunting task to you, it’s your moral obligation to find ways how you’re gonna get through the long stretches of boredom. It’s how we’re gonna protect the sick and the elderly.

Tiktok with your family. Sleep all you want. Learn jiu-jitsu inside your room. Call out the government all you want or make memes inspired by the pandemic.

Just don’t leave the house if you have no other excuse than you’re feeling bored.

How have you been coping with the lockdown so far?

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