As of this writing, the Philippines has totaled a number of 193 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 14 deaths, and 4 recovered. While this is still significantly lower than the cases in big countries like Italy and China, it is feared that the global pandemic may continue to shoot these numbers up, if we’d continue to act carelessly.


The #FightCOVID19 is a campaign that seeks to support our frontline health workers and hospitals. A digital donation drive, it will serve as an avenue for the generous Filipinos who are willing to take part in this collective move to moderate the spread of the virus in the country, without requiring them to get out and risk their health.


Through the GCash app, the leading mobile wallet in the country, you can send your financial support. Proceeds will be equally distributed among their seven NGO partners: the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF), the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), World Vision, UP Medical Foundation, PGH Foundation, Inc., ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, and Ayala Foundation. Said organizations have always lent the public a helping hand in the fight against the virus, assisting high-risk individuals and providing frontline health workers with necessary equipment such as face masks to prevent risks of contracting the virus.

“Our platform is more than just a mobile wallet. It is a conduit of good that we can use in times of great need. We are encouraging GCash users to support the donation drive to help our frontline health workers #FightCOVID19,” said GCash President Anthony Thomas..

Here’s how you can donate:

Photo by GCash

Aside from donating, GCash also encourages the use of financial technology to lessen the risk of acquiring the disease through paper bills.

How are you coping with the coronavirus situation so far?

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