There is one Impostor among us, and that’s not Doc Adam.

A licensed medical professional offering science-based information on various health topics, he was just doing his tasks. Through his YouTube channel, he showed commitment to his mission in correcting medical misinformation that has long since plagued a country of superstitious health beliefs. He was sharing, for free, his expertise built in his 10 years of being in the medical field.

But then, the world did him a huge disservice. On October 14, the Australian doctor broke the news to his 1.7 million followers that he would be unwillingly leaving his platform, after receiving lawsuits filed by Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch and the CEO of GlutaLipo named Leo Ortiz. These complaints came after Doc Adam posted a series of videos debunking health claims made by the said personalities.

Doc Adam revealed in his vlog that over the past couple of months, he had received four letters from lawyers and death threats. He also learned about rumors saying that he was banned from the Philippines. All of these forced him to quit social media.


Doc Adam was not the Impostor, but we threw him out of the ship.

The real Impostor is the people responsible for the system in which our countrymen are denied access to attainable healthcare, driving them to resort to easier and cheaper ways to ease their suffering. It’s the ones up there, who have the power to control us as we collectively save our ship from sinking and use it to sabotage our attempts. Hiding behind false promises of a better life, these Imps capitalize on our inability to distinguish the Imps from the crewmates, which turns everyone against one another.

In this real-life Among Us, there’s no “gg” ceremony when the game ends. There are no congratulations being passed to the winning Impostor. Because it’s a never-ending deception game, and we only keep on losing.

Are you pro Doc Adam or Farrah?

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