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Quarantine Trends: What we have, so far.

There’s no doubt when we say that during these 6 months of being stuck in the four corners of our home made us vulnerable in everything available to do just to be able to compensate our boredom because who’s used to staying in for a long period of time? NOT US!

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed everyone’s everyday schedules and habits. From having to go out five days a week to go to work, to working from the comfort of your own home. A lot has changed and we’re all still trying to adjust with this one hell of a situation. Well, despite the boredom and anxiety we all have been feeling since the end of February, most people have been very innovative in seeking happiness and passing the time, and luck us, they are sharing it on social media to share to everyone.

Here are some of the things that trended during what seems like a lifetime of being stuck at home.


Who hasn’t heard of TikTok? NO ONE. This phenomenon has been a platform for everything trending these days. From the savage dance moves, to cooking hacks, and just basically anything hilarious and GEN Z, TikTok has it to offer. Who can’t wait to go out and start dancing their favorite TikTok dance with their friends? We are!

@jasonderuloI can’t stop watching this @itsjonathansworld @justmaiko♬ Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo


BANANA BREAD and COOKIES, to be exact. The obsession with these two is #REAL throughout quarantine. Everyone has been busy learning to bake on their own. Oh well, at least our ovens who were long unattended has finally been put to use!

Online shopping

Although this has been a trend way before quarantine, adding to cart on Shopee and Lazada has been a hobby for everyone since quarantine. It’s a fact that buying new clothes and things is not a need because where else will you use them? But that’s not a factor we’re going to consider because retail therapy is A-OKAY.

Hair Dyeing

With all the salons closed during the past months, people started to do their hair DIY style. With the help of Youtube university and online shops selling affordable and easy to apply dye, a lot of people definitely went cray. Shoutout to those who coped up with boredom by bleaching and dyeing their hair! You’re not alone!

Dalgona Coffee

Who wouldn’t forget this? During the first quarter of quarantine, everyone went crazy in leveling up their caffeine game and resorted to making Dalgona coffee, even if it means almost straining your arms because whisking that coffee powder and milk is a MUST.


Be it outselling Nintendo Switch units online and purchasing the infamous Animal Crossing where people can make their own island and meet up with friends virtually, to teaming up against another group in Call of Duty, and quizzing each other with who the impostor is in Among Us, everyone has definitely went on to gaming to be able to kill and spend time with our friends despite the distance.

Plantitos and Plantitas

High five to all our plantitos and plantitas out there! There is no doubt that the art of farming and planting has become one of the crazes during this quarantine. Everyone just woke up one morning and people just started filling their place with plants and came up with their own backyard full of self-produce vegetables.


Who else here finished one whole series in a day? And move on to another series that same day? SLUMBER!

Well, this is what we got so far because quarantine just ain’t over yet! More trends will be coming before we know it, that’s for sure!

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Did you hop on these trends during quarantine?

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