Instead of lurking around with your weary minds at home, why can’t we use this time to breathe and do things that we mostly never do because we’re focusing on our busy lives?

After long months of being hunkered down at home, I am betting that many of us still feel that being hopeless because of the things that happen around us. Well, it’s definitely not to be okay but you know, there are better things ahead if we look into another perspective of life.

Aside from binge-watching at home, don’t you know that we could also let our lives be productive during this season? Sure, it’s insane having to stay for weeks in the same corners of our houses with the same faces around us but don’t you think that we’re blessed enough than having nothing? So, to lift your lazy bodies, we listed different things that can help you use most of your time wisely!


If the only connection we know in this generation is connecting to our wifi, then we probably miss the real connection that we must have with our love ones. Instead of hoarding groceries, perhaps it’s a great time to hoard some memories with them since they are the only people we can connect with during this season.

There might be unreasonable arguments sometimes with your family but at the end of the day, they are the only ones we truly got. Believe me, through connecting also to someone, you also allow yourself to breathe freely. It totally feels like you’ve let something out that burdens you for quite some time. 


More ideas of bonding? Well, you can spend time with them through board games and watching together with some thrilling or romantic movies. Have you ever realize that we’re buying some time just to be with them because we are truly busy and now, it’s one of the privileges that we should not be wasting. So, get their attention now and have some quality time with them.

Learn a new one or foster your skills

Will you just let your old instrument be bathed with thick dust and stuck in the corner? Or do you want to learn a new instrument? Well, it’s the time to pick that cool thing and feed yourself with some chords! We could learn classic songs from the Beatles or fret on your strings like Ed Sheeran while we are under this forced Quarantine weeks.


You can use your internet to search for chords, learning the right pattern of strumming, and download some tuning application that implies for your instrument. And the best thing is, perform those songs that you’ve learned at your current platform and let your family sing along with you! Who could have thought that you might be the next Rockstar?

Read That Book!

You might have some pile of unread books on your shelves—begging for some readers or saved stories on your Wattpad and other electronic book sites. You don’t have to make any second thoughts because now is the right time to dive into the world in those books. You can also feed your mind with informational stuffs and reason like Sheldon Cooper!


If you haven’t seen Little Women in the theaters or any movies that once were stories from the pages of books, then grab this opportunity to unbox yourselves from mundane weekdays. Read numerous of books that can make you a really different human being after this Quarantine weeks. Bet that you’ll share a thousand stories and don’t forget to recommend your favorite ones!

Write even if you don’t like writing!

To tell you honestly, I didn’t see myself as a writer when I grew up. But when I started to get through with my heavy heart by weaving words or to pattern some verses for my poems, I got easily addicted to it. It can be the vessel of your thoughts and a way to reduce your stress because of what’s happening right now. More so, you might discover that Shakespear blood in you!


If you want to write a novel because we’re gonna be stuck at home for like a few more weeks, then try to be inspired by some movies like Dead Poets Society, Little Women and Stuck In Love. But if you want to write a song then try to think of a person you love and hemmed those metaphors as you put a melody afterward.

See you can be the next writer or songwriter that can lift someone’s mood!

Do Some Curl-Ups

Now that you have a lot of time to be healthy, you can spare some time for a 30-minute workout at home. This can remove drama or some emotional difficulties that can really worsen our day. Aside from planning and organizing our stuff, having some exercise is really good for the body!

You can invite your sister or your mother to be simply healthy or have your dream body because, we’re all excited about next year’s summer, right?


There are still a lot of things we can do right? Let’s continue to lift others up and help them use these quarantine weeks wisely!

Did you enjoy reading these listed things during Quarantine weeks?

What do you want to try among them? Write them all down in the comment section below! You can also connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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