Blackpink in our area?

In a tweet last Friday,  Globe released a teaser hinting at a possible partnership with Blackpink. Needless to say, Blinks all over were ecstatic about the news. The post that says, “Don’t BLINK,” uses the same stylized look and style, the K-pop group is known for. It was shared over 20,000 times. 

The Good

Now, obviously, Pinoy BLINKS were very much into the hype. There were even talks of this collaboration being an online concert this coming December 1, 2020 after various teasers from the group showcased a global performance.

Admittedly, some fans did express disappointment if and if this partnership turned out to be just a regular ambassadorship. As you know, a lot of fans are awaiting an actual performance.

The Bad

Apart from the obvious benefits of working with a global icon. Globe on the other hand saw more disparaging remarks regarding the partnership. Both seen on their biggest social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

And there’s honestly way more…

The Tea

Which makes us wonder, with the recent influx of too many international Icons as endorsers in the country (with the likes of Lee Min Ho for Lazada, Parke Seo Joon for BYS, Son Ye Jin for Smart, and others) that the advertising economy in the Philippines is really robust. This is such a good thing, they see our country as an international space where they can grow as global ambassadors, and that is such a good recognition for the country. 

And I know, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I so would wish that apart from just getting big stars to get the brands known, or you know to help them gain recognition and visibility; the brands should foremost focus on ensuring that the final product is actually good enough for the consumers, that it gives valuable uses. 

I mean, it will always boil down to that doesn’t it? A fandom can only take a product’s customer lifetime value. In the very end, it is the product or the service itself that will allow for a campaign to produce lifetime valuable consumers. 

And as someone who works closely with brands for the past couple of years, this I say is true. 

Product First, Branding Second

I mean, shouldn’t it be this way? At the core of it should and will always be how this product or service is to be perused by the people. I mean, yeah we can get the best endorsers there are. But if we put down more money into marketing instead of creating enough advancements in the product/service to better it.

Then, the company stands to lose more, since they will pay a hefty sum for an ambassador to give them a quick solution but will eventually lose sales and loyalty from the community since they will end up mistrusting both the ambassador and the brand for a very bad experience.

I dunno, maybe it is the marketer in me. But I always find it foolish for brands to focus on Marketing alone, for me? the best endorser is still word of mouth and in an age where everything is easily accessible, one big mistake can lead to a lot of losses. 

So here is to hoping that whatever Globe is getting into will actually help pave the way for its users like me (ah yes, there’s the underlying reason why I am so harsh, lol) to have a better service quality. It would be a real shame if this will be another disastrous affair like what happened with Shopee a couple of years back. 

What do you think? Do you have the same thoughts on advertisements as I do? Please share with us! 

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