As the global pandemic continues to put our normal lives on hold, a lot of us have found ways to adapt to the crisis. We’re sure you’ve seen a friend, a workmate, a relative launch their own online business. Selling homemade Leche flan, donuts, cupcakes, and items like paintings and perfumes, and promoting their products online — this has become their way to at least recover from the financial burden three months of lockdown has caused.

As a friend, as a loving nephew of your baker tita, you can actually do so much to help make their job easier– without doing so much.


The simplest and most important way: be their customer! Before you decide to order from some big restaurant, think about the FOR SALE posts you’ve encountered recently on your social media feeds. Your friend from the next block’s homemade kimchi might be the one you’re craving for.

Just keep in mind that just because you’re close with them doesn’t mean you can ask for a discount. Pay for the whole price!

Like. Share.

If you don’t have the money, or if you’re not exactly in need of their product, another little big way you can show support is by engaging in their social media content that promotes the business. Give them that one big LIKE– wait, give them a HEART because it’s more aesthetically appealing. Share their post, tag other peers in the comments section, be your friend’s endorser! If you could engage in the content of your favorite influencers and celebrities, you can definitely do it for your loved ones, too!

Give them nice words.

Leave positive comments on their promotional post, whether it’s about the product, or the seller themselves (some good, old-fashioned friendly banter in the comments sections adds a human touch to the post, making it seem more legit to the eyes of your audience). If their business has its own social media page, go drop those five stars and a praising review.

However, this is not to say that you can’t be a critic if you need to. If you’ve found a certain aspect of their business that still has rooms for improvement, don’t hesitate to be brutally honest. Talk to them personally and voice out your concerns in a way that will encourage them to do better. Your constructive criticism is also a little big way of helping them grow.

Do you have a friend with a small online business? Which of these little big ways have you done to show your support?


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