As a general rule, safety comes first. You and your family’s well-being should be a top priority. However, once you’re done making sure that all is well in your household, your responsibility doesn’t end.

The wrath of typhoon Ulysses was unprecedented. Many of us were taken aback by the terrifying combination of destructive winds and persistent rain. As a consequence, our countrymen in flood-prone areas are suffering and in now need of urgent help. Here are some big ways you can help them, without doing so much.

Spread verified information.

Some Typhoon victims would say Ulysses is strikingly similar to 2009’s Ondoy in terms of damage done, if not worse. But one difference now is that we can communicate better. With social media, access to information and communication is much easier today than it was before.

Let’s use this power to inform our social media circle about important matters. Share emergency hotlines, and be sure that you have the correct numbers. Of course, if you ever come across misinformation online, make it a point to report. The intention of the poster may be good, but the deed could result in more harm than good. For misinformation and disinformation issues, you can go directly to trusted online fact checkers, like Fact Check Philippines.


Amplify calls for help.

Typhoon victims who urgently need rescuing have posted about their harrowing situations online, showing real-time photos of their streets or subdivisions submerged in water while they are trapped on their roofs. You can help them reach proper authorities by resharing their post and using the hashtag #RescuePH.

Be sensitive.

While this ordeal has proven that the spirit of bayanihan is still around, it also brought out the worst in some of us. Lashing out on Meralco on Twitter for having your power cut? Taking advantage of online delivery services to satisfy your cravings? These are all indications that even in the most difficult times where our brothers and sisters have found themselves in a life-and-death situation, there are people who can’t let go of their selfish interests. Check your privilege, hoomans!


In just three weeks, the country experienced a series of calamities, with typhoon Ulysses coming right after Rolly and Siony devastated parts of Luzon and Visayaz. It goes without saying that evacuees from heavily affected areas do need aids, whether it be financial, food, and other essentials. These are some of the drives you can donate to.


How is your situation in your area?

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