Life Advice for Every 20-Something Year Old Like Me


Listen 20-something year old’s out there!

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that my years as a 20-something year old taught me a lot of things I need to know about myself and life in general. Like many of you, I’ve experienced feeling like everything just seems to be crashing down. There are times when I feel like the people I know aren’t those people anymore. They fall in love, move forward in life and begin achieving their goals while I get left behind, and eventually feel like I wouldn’t be able to experience what they had experienced.

There are just a lot of scenarios going on inside our head during this time of our lives that we start questioning every single moment we have. Adult life is hard, I must say. But I assure you that the saying “After every rain there’s a rainbow” is actually quite true!

Here is some life advice I’d like to share with every 20-something year old’s out there experiencing what I have experienced and continue to experience in my 20-something years in this world.

1.Just be yourself

Remember, do not be afraid of who you truly are. No buts. No ifs. Just you.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

I know it’s easier to stay on the safe side and just settle on the things you used to do or know. This way, you do not need to worry about anything unexpected to happen. But you cannot live your life doing the same thing over and over again. Let yourself loose because it makes everything better!

3. Live in the moment

I’m telling you; you’re wasting your time thinking about the past or the future. That only makes you regret and fear. Be present and cherish every single moment happening in your life because when it’s all over, you’d wish you could go back to those good old days.

4. Most times, timing is everything

You cannot rush everything in your life because everything happens for a reason. As cliché as it may sound, timing is key, and more often than not, things happen as and when they should.

5. It’s OKAY to have different interests than everyone else

One reality in the “real world” we live in is that, not everybody has the same interest as you and that is totally fine. Everyone has their own way to make themselves happy and content.  And remember, do not waste your time on people criticizing you for doing what you love. Just do you, darling.

6. Strength is power

If there is one thing I’d say to any 20-something year old in this world, that is, it’s okay to make mistakes but be sure to learn from them, and hopefully you find peace and happiness much quicker like some 20-something year old’s out there. As Pam Beesly said in The Office,

                “Be strong when your world is falling apart, trust yourself and the decisions you make, love yourself because you are special, and conquer your fears because you can achieve anything.”

Do you think these advices will help you?

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