Kim Chiu’s #BawalLumabas meme has turned into a social movement that helps people

From bashing to blessing– not only for Kim Chui herself but for the people heavily affected by the global pandemic crisis.

The #BawalLumabas meme surrounding Kim Chiu’s incoherent statement has given birth to a full, studio-recorded song, which then paved the way for the social movement that’s happening now. #BawalLumabasMerch is officially a thing now, and you can buy one for the benefit of quarantine-affected families and Angel Locsin’s mass testing project.

Yes, there’s an official page for that and you can check it out here.



The Bawal Lumabas shirts come in five colors and various sizes. There are three designs: one is COVID-19 inspired image with the text BAWAL LUMABAS; another one is LAW NG CLASSROOM that portrays a scene inside the classroom; the third one is a big heart that represents that of Kim Chiu with the hashtag #BawalLumabas. Each one costs P295. All the details about the ordering and the payment process are on the page above. Proceeds from the merch will be donated to families heavily affected by the global pandemic crisis and Angel Locsin’s mass testing project. 

A queen move by Kim Chiu? Hell, yeah!

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What do you think about this move by Kim Chiu?


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