Pork barrel scam defendant Jinggoy Estrada has been “giving” money away through Facebook live

On April 30, Jinggoy Estrada, the former senator, started going live on Facebook via his assistant’s account. He was shown distributing ‘bangus’, which according to him, came from his mother’s fish pen in Zambales. ‘JingFlix’ wasn’t coined until May 17, and he just run with it. Since then, he has been going live on Facebook almost daily, doing raffles of cash and tablets.


Jinggoy dubbed his Facebook live, ‘JingFlix’ (Netflix ng Masa), an on the nose play on his name and Netflix. He starts his Facebook live by giving a shout out to his viewers-what he calls ‘Jingpips’. Actually, the shout outs are pretty consistent throughout the video. I, personally, fail to understand what satisfaction one gets when given a shout out, but to each his own I guess.

If you’re into that, here is one of his many Facebook live.

If you’re wondering, yes, I did sit through the whole video. An hour and a half of Jinggoy’s antics, his singing with a little bit of dancing.


Anyway, starting with his usual “pabati”, he then organized a game called, “videoke night”. In which, he will pick a song, sing it and then will abruptly stop. His #Jingpips will then guess the succeeding lyrics. First one to guess correctly wins five hundred pesos, just like that. Easy, right? He instructed his assistant to get the money “sa pondo ko”. Whose funds, Jinggoy? Something fishy? Maybe it’s the bangus.

He even sang Basil Valdez’s ‘You’, one of my go-to karaoke songs. So now I have to find a new one.

His Facebook lives typically last between an hour or two.

Plunder Bros

In the July 13 iteration of #JingFlix, Jinggoy had a very special guest, none other than fellow accused plunderer and good friend, Bong Revilla!

Plunder Bros

Of course, Bong was not there merely for show, he donated Php 50, 000 of his “own” money for the raffle. Giving back to the people, literally!

I wonder what Juan Ponce Enrile is up to these days?

They should hold a reunion episode of #JingFlix with the big 3. Now, wouldn’t that be something. Maybe we can finally get our money back, or at the very least, a portion of it.

Fortune Pay

To join the raffle, you have to have a Fortune Pay account. Jinggoy and his team sends the cash prize to the winners through the said app.

Fortune Pay is a Fintech company established in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. They are in the business of e-money and in other electronic payment and financial services related to the business of being an e-money issuer. It offers mobile application that provides secure and easy digital wallet functions, online remittance benefits and convenient utility bill payment to its clientele.

So if you’re interested in that, here is his facebook account where he goes live. Who knows, you may finally get back your money. Kidding.

Out of the loop?

If you’ve been living under a rock, Estrada is accused of stealing P183.79 million from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allocations from 2004 to 2010, and faces separate graft charges in the same case. Along with Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile.

He has been out on bail since September 2017 on the basis that he was not the “main plunderer.” He is still facing trial.

It’s saddening how quickly we forget the injustices done by these people. With a little bit of cash, we turn the other cheek. The smallest hint of “goodness”, we are led to believe that they have the interest of the public in mind.

This just goes to show how incompetent politicians in the country really are. When its citizens have to make do with crumbs, regardless of who is it from, just to survive.

What do you think of #JingFlix?

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