Like what they say, ‘Tacos fall apart too yet we still we love them’

This long quarantine weeks we probably made to think lot of things. We have the longest nights to confront those ricocheting voices in our heads—reminding our mistakes or the thought of being a ‘failure’. Once that voice made a room in our minds, giving up becomes too real. It seems like the four walls around us became our safest haven and we’ll promise not to try again. Why?

Because everything seems shifted upside and down. So, we will be afraid of trying again and inevitably, we’ll let ourselves stuck in our comfort zones.


But have you thought of getting back up again? or have you try thinking that failure is good thing in our lives?

To help you, we made a list below that will remind you that there’s nothing wrong with pulling yourself together. More so, these are things that you can keep to your mind even when failures became your enemy everyday.

Know that it’s OKAY

Imagine that you have steady flow of your life where everything is working together the way you want it. It might be too perfect, but does it sound like boring? Like a steady roller-coaster with no ups and down, no doubt that you wouldn’t enjoy it. That’s why we need to keep in our minds that ‘failing’ is good to our lives.  It will make us learn something. It will motivate us to be a better person. Or falling apart will make us appreciate the beauty of pain and turning it into something wonderful.

However, it’s not a one time phase in our lives. Doors will slammed all over again at your face but it doesn’t mean that you will let yourself giving in. Perhaps, made a promise to yourself that you will fail again and it’s okay.

Additionally, it will challenge ourselves to look into a different perspective. So, instead of instilling in our minds that it is an awful experience, tap your shoulders. And say, it’s okay.

We can be Vulnerable

I know that a bucket of Ice cream, listening to your playlist on Spotify or drowning yourself with beers will comfort you. But truth to be told, it’s just temporary only. If you feel crying, then cry it out. Bottling your emotions will not help you. It would make your heart hardened by the pain but not strong. So I suggest, find someone who you can talk about everything. Someone who’s really accountable.


Forget the stereotyping about ‘men don’t cry’ or that thought being such a ‘cry baby’. Your feeling are valid. Let your emotions flow. Don’t let yourselves build a wall where emotions will just worsen the situation.

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Learn to Unlearn

How we will do it? Of course, there are things that you memorized like things that hurt you or should I say, ruined you. So, instead of forgetting them, learn to discover new things and scraping yourselves from things that will not benefit you anymore. Don’t forget in letting go of those things.

You could gain wisdom in failures too. So, don’t miss out every new learning so you could unlearn the past things that made a room in your mind. Learn to somehow reset and recharge yourselves. You got your whole time.

Then, if you think you can begin again, it’s time to take your first step again.


Delight in Hope

We all mess things up and it’s part of our lives. But remember that it’s temporary only. Just like how the rain poured in our rooftops but it will not take too long.So don’t blame yourself when you fail. Blaming yourself will make you feel worse.

So, teach yourself to be accountable with your actions but don’t forget that are flawed and imperfect people. Nevertheless, we can work in being a better person.

Mostly, have hope that everything will be okay in time.


Now, it’s time to bid farewell with those voices. Silent them victories of comebacks and one footstep to another footstep.

Are you ready to rise up?

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