Human influencers are unpredictable, making them prone to major mishaps that can ruin their career in an instant.

That is why– although social media influencers are preferred to promote a product than celebrities– brands are starting to switch to non-human influencers.

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That being said, we’ve looked into some of the most recent “influencer” fiascos in the wild world of social media. From that, we sort of squeezed out the stuff they did that put them in the center of a #cancelparty.

Quick! Grab a Starbucks cup, and check out this quick and easy guide on how to become a cancelable influencer. (This might be a very good bible for those who do want to stay in the scene; we know we are not Influencers, but hey we are your audience sooo, you know this definitely counts for something!)

Reveal too much about yourself.

When you have 300 thousand followers on your Youtube channel, it’s so easy to get caught up in this “I’m a celebrity” mindset which can make you fall under the delusion that the public is interested in everything about you and your life. You’ll start to welcome your audience into your daily life, showing IG stories of your travels and workouts, posting your opinions on Twitter about sensitive issues.

We’re all just humans: no one is spared from flaws. Now, when you’ve carelessly exposed one of yours, such as your inability to hold yourself back from getting all naughty with your significant other behind a throw pillow while the third person in the room is vlogging, this isn’t exactly good for your image.

Go beyond your niche.

Even though most of your followers are after your food vlogs because that’s what you presented yourself to be– a food vlogger– you’ll feel inclined to expand your expertise. While trying new things can help you grow and get more gains, this also puts you in a more vulnerable position.

For example, if you’re a Tiktoker celebrity with over 4 million followers on Facebook and you’re popular for your softboy looks and Magic Mike dance moves, people would be surprised if you suddenly talk medicine. When they’re surprised, that means you have their attention, which then would make them more focused on and critical of what they’re hearing from you.

But what if– as it turns out– you’re not so well-equipped in this unfamiliar territory you’re taking? Worse, your failed attempt has turned into a source of misinformation that could endanger someone else’s life?

Don’t take responsibility for your actions.

Let’s say you get called out for a mistake; a bad influencer would twist the narrative into a simple issue of misunderstanding.

Take this particular “influencer,” for example, who recently went under fire for having the audacity to humiliate a tricycle driver for her followers to see (believing that she was being inspirational, for some strange reason). After trending on social media as the enraged people started calling her out, she was quick to issue an “apology video.” Except it turns out the video wasn’t meant to acknowledge her mistake; it was 98% excuses to save herself and 2% irrelevant stories.


Promotion for the sake of promotion

This probably takes the cake. We all know that one of your reasons why you produce content is for financial gains, we get it. But, did you also know that the easiest way for you to lose touch with your audience is to push products that are neither of use or with bad quality — just so you know, you get paid for it.

It will look like you are milking your audience and instead of them learning and having fun on your channel, they will instead be bombarded with irrelevant promotions and ads that are cringey and downright irritating. I mean, we already get spammed by Facebook, should we also get the same with your content? No Siree! We’d rather unfollow and look at another content that actually makes us feel good!

Hate the hater.

It’s true that we cannot please everyone. If you’re popular, getting a hater is somewhat inevitable. The more followers you get,  the more chances of having critics. The best advice for that? Just be yourself. Do what you love just as long as you don’t promote anything that harms anyone.

Do not– and I repeat– do not stoop down to their level (Ms. Angel Locsin, we know it’s frustrating dealing with self-proclaimed informed folks but let’s calm down a bit). This does not mean that you allow abuse, but it also does not mean that you use your platform to promote hate towards your hate. 

Always respond with love and understanding, and hey who knows you might just get to have a hater turn into a follower!

Some last words…

As easy as achieving internet fame has become in this digital age, that also comes with a massive challenge that requires full care and attention. Fame is power, and with it comes great responsibility: do things for the common good, not just for you but for every one of those eyeballs. That my friend is real power and influence. Do it with integrity and real passion. Doing otherwise will lead you down the slippery road of cancellation. 

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