You’re most probably aware of how working remotely works. You have to meet deadlines, finish tasks, communicate with your teammates, get approvals from the bosses, same old stuff– but you do all them in the comforts of your home.

But working remotely is a completely different challenge. Sure, you don’t have to take a bath in the morning when it’s too cold. You don’t need to force yourself to have breakfast for an energy boost. You don’t need to endure the terrible commute in the metro on the way to your office. But that’s exactly why it’s a new kind of hard: you’re not in your “I’m in a corporate environment” mindset. There’s much less pressure, no expectations to act and behave in a certain way. You are in a very comfortable position, and too much comfort can lead to complacency and other terrible things.

Awareness fails to become action

You might have read articles like this, helping readers how to stay productive while working from home. You know you’re supposed to set a schedule, build your own workspace, yadda yadda yadda, and you pull them off most days. But not every day is Christmas. Some mornings you would find yourself not up for the challenge. Your mind is numb from too much buzzing, and your body is too hesitant to even touch the laptop. You can’t seem to start moving, basically, even when you know your future depends on it.

Starting a project is one of the most challenging aspects in a work-from-home setup even when everything else is perfect. That’s why we’ve listed some techniques that would help put you in the zone.

1. Drink coffee


Although not everyone is a fan of the nervous factor of caffeinating yourself, people in the corporate world mostly rely on its effects on one’s work performance. Whether it’s hot or cold, it’s got that kicking effect in your system that can activate your genius mode in an instant. It stimulates the mind, boosts mental energy and focus, and brings you to the right headspace. Go make yourself a cup of coffee before and during work hours. It works like magic.

2. Exercise

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When your brain can’t seem to wrap itself around the reality that you have duties to fulfill, some physical exertions can help. Sweat up! Do some stretching. Jog around the house. Sometimes it’s your lazy bones responsible for your lazy mind. Research suggests that exercising can help blood pressure and blood flow increase in the body, including in our brain. More blood means more energy and oxygen, which is good for our brain performance.

I mean, it’s basic science, dude. 

3. Reward


Set rewards for yourself for finishing tasks, whether it’s tangible like pizza or something emotional like envisioning a stress-free evening. Think of how beautiful life is after you’re done with the projects. Picture a life without guilt because you worked instead of procrastinating. It’s sort of like treating yourself like child, but the idea of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can induce some inspiration.

4. Umm, just do it?


When you think you have to wait for your mind to get in the zone before you begin putting in work, it’s your insecurities getting the better of you. You don’t feel smart, you don’t feel confident, so you set aside your responsibilites out of fear of screwing them up.

Well, the best thing to do is just start doing. Write badly. Produce cringe-worthy outputs. Your performance might not be as superb as when you are in a smooth working flow, but as you move along, you’re gonna find yourself producing effortlessly, and the trash stuff you’ve created earlier can be replaced by better ones.

You don’t need miracles. There’s no need for so much drama. You just need to start doing. (Read more: A Beginner’s Guide To Working From Home)

Are you also one of the lucky individuals who still get to make a living despite the nationwide lockdown? Which of these techniques has helped you the most?

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