There has been a lot of television comedies produced throughout this lifetime but none can ever compare to “The Office”!

Brought to life by SNL writer Greg Daniels in 2005, the show had a good 7 years run since its release. “The Office” is housed in, literally, an office. And mind you! This series is not just about stuff happening in the workplace because it’s more than that! The characters are hilarious and easy to relate with. Accompanied by the humor, sarcasm, and clever plot twists by the minds behind it, its simplicity is overpowered by its genius.

Before we start with the reasons why you should watch “The Office”, let me stuff you with a little bit of information on what you should expect from this series.


So, Michael Scott is the regional manager to the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, a paper company; Jim and Pam make themselves believe that they’re best friends for a couple of seasons then finally gets together; Meredith gets her hair shaved because of a lice infestation in the office. But enough with the spoilers because here are a whole lot of reasons why you should start watching “The Office”!

1.Michael Scott, period.

He may come off as one of the most annoying, childish, cringey, lovable, and funny character in The Office, but Michael Scott is undeniably the world’s best boss! From using alternative identities during meetings and organizing random talks inside the conference room, he will definitely keep you on your toes.

2. You will learn two words. WORK HARD.

This show will not just make you laugh because every character will teach you how to work hard and always be better than you did yesterday. It’s all about strategy and confidence!

3. Jim and Pam FOREVER

If there’s one #relationshipgoals in The Office, that’s definitely Jim and Pam! Despite having to go through a lot of challenges in their relationship, they always make it work. Now, this duo will not only give you the feels, they will also give you major #truelove vibes!

4. The cold opens

Every episode of The Office comes with amusing cold opens. Be it Michael, Dwight, and Andy doing parkour, or Michael hitting Meredith with his car which led to “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure”, these will definitely make you LOL even before starting with the episode.

5. Dwight Shrute

If there’s one character you will love to hate, that’s Dwight K. Schrute! He is the number one kiss-ass to Michael Scott, a sucker for the rules, and has a passionate heart at everything farming! And oh, he labels himself as the assistant to the regional manager.

6. Pranks all the way

One thing to look forward to in the series is the pranks, especially the pranks by Jim for Dwight. Mind you, this is a constant battle and both are always willing to go through anything just to make each other look dumb.

7. IDGAF c/o Stanley Hudson

Stanley is the epitome of rationality and calmness in the office. If you have problems in letting the littlest of things get to you, Stanley is the man to talk to!

8. The life lessons

Despite all the fun and sarcasm, “The Office” does not disappoint in including bits and pieces of learnings in life. Be it about relationships, family, or career, you’re definitely going to learn from this group of co-workers in The Office!

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