From the makers of ‘Train To Busan’ comes another zombie film that will get your heart racing and tears churning.

‘Peninsula’ has graced the movie theater’s in South Korea including 4 other Asian countries amidst the pandemic. The sequel to the smash-hit ‘Train To Busan’ has already grossed around $20 million and will most likely increase once the movie premieres in other countries this August.

This rise in numbers brings much-needed hope in the revival of the global box office, an industry severely crippled by the COVID-19. But despite the positive boost of movie-goers who were initially chased away from indoor cinemas, ‘Pensinsula’ is receiving a lot of disappointing feedback.

Why, you ask? A lot wanted another glory like ‘Train To Busan’ but the thing is, ‘Peninsula’ is a completely different movie. So if you’re planning to watch this film, you need to manage some expectations.

Here’s What To Expect:

A totally different storyline

Peninsula may have ‘Train To Busan’ in its title but it’s only there to tell you it’s from the same director and universe as the cult favorite zombie thriller. You should know that there are no trains or Busan involved this time. In fact, the sequel doesn’t start from the ending scene of the first film but instead takes place 4 years after.

The Korean peninsula is now overrun by the undead and the country is sealed off from the rest of the world.  The film will showcase the aftermath of a zombie outbreak and how survivors have adapted to their new reality.

A whole new cast

Photo from Korean Times

We won’t get to see any of the cast or discover what happened to the survivors of ‘Train to Busan’. The sequel will focus on Jung-suk (Kang Dong-won) an ex-marine who manages to escape the Korean peninsula during the beginning of the virus outbreak. He is ordered to go back along with his brother-in-law Chul-min (Kim Do-yoon) on a mysterious retrieval mission.

The rest of the cast is comprised of Lee Jung-hyun, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Min Jae, Goo Kyo Hwan, Kim Do Yoon, Lee Re, and Lee Ye Won. Every actor did a top-notch job in embodying their characters and if there’s anything to complain about, it will definitely not be the acting.

The same family-driven plot with a lot of car chase action

What really got us bawling in ‘Train to Busan’ was the love Gong yoo had for his daughter. Parents and the sacrifices they make on behalf of their children is always a heart-gripping scene to watch. You’ll see that same familial love in ‘Peninsula’.

The real stars of the movie are the younger actors Lee Re and Lee Ye Won. The two take the role of sisters who grew up in the flesh-eating monster infested world. Lee Re who plays Joon-i is a badass character you can surely look out for. Driving a dump truck, this teenager brings on the ‘Mad Max Fury’ feels as she tire-squeals her way out of danger. You can watch a portion of that scene and the trailer below.


Final Thoughts

Let’s admit, Train to Busan is one of the top-tier zombie films out there. It’s an epic thriller on a compact train with characters you’ll root for. There’s no big guns or an elite soldier, just ordinary people battling zombies with their baseball bats and make-shift weapons. It’s hard for Peninsula or any zombie-themed movie to live up to that hype.

But is Peninsula a waste of time and money? I think not. It’s still a great zombie flick that has the elements of suspense-filled action and emotional narrative. Comparing it to its predecessor will just kill your expectations. It’s better to go into it with a clean slate.

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Are you looking forward to watch Peninsula?

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