We were never made to live in a pandemic-stricken world.

When we were forced to endure long periods of isolation while being fed with too much information about the hopeless state we were in, many of us inevitably suffered from stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

But now, as our way of living slowly returns to normal, we are also collectively trying to recover from the mental struggles we faced during the past few months. Here are some helpful tips to slow down your recovery process, and possibly even make you feel more miserable.

Increase your daily information intake.

There are far too many problems the world is facing that you must treat as your own. Go stress about the new emerging diseases in some other countries. There are social media pages in which the comments sections are swarming with people with very problematic opinions; make it your digital hangout place. 

Hold on to negative people.

The “unfollow” button is made to tease you into getting rid of those friends and pages that constantly spread anger, hate, and toxicity on social media. Don’t fall into the trap. You should attach yourself to these people so you’re constantly reminded of the bad stuff.

Build bad habits.

Skip meals. Spend more time with your phone. Don’t listen to those health advices urging you to sweat it out. Make it a habit to join the hate frenzy on social media whenever you can. This unhealthy lifestyle– when you keep on doing it for a long time– contributes to an unhealthy mental state, which could then lead to other more serious concerns. 

Face it all alone.

You always have the option to open up about your struggles to your friends and family. There are also free professional mental health services you can resort to when it all gets overwhelming. But don’t make these “right” choices: keep in mind that this battle is yours and yours alone.

Would you follow these helpful tips? Of course, not. In fact, you’re gonna do the opposite of these.

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