Dear memers, thank you for you service!

For the last several weeks, the world has suffered the wrath of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, a new disease caused by coronavirus.

To cope with the dreadful reality of the pandemic, people have been finding ways to distract themselves. One of these coping mechanisms is memes.



From content that mocks how people respond to the lockdown, to funny photos making fun of political clowns, internet citizens across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites have been enjoying a surge in hilarious and witty memes.

Well, the majority of us have way too much time in our hands. But we have very little options when it comes to spending this abundance of free time, so we end up spending most of it on the internet– chatting with friends, watching videos, looking at memes. And yeah, there are some who are not content just absorbing other’s creations, so they make their own. 

Laughter is the best medicine

“Using humor as a coping strategy and connecting with other people who have that same approach has been greatly normalized through the digitization of our culture,” says psychologist Bart Andrews “Now, people who use humor as a coping strategy have instantaneous access to millions of other people, and we find our niches and networks.”

It’s a good thing we can rely on memes when our lockdown concerns get too much. Although sometimes there are memes that are downright offensive for their context, memes generally provide a safe space where people feel like they relate to one another. Humor can make light out of the burdens in our heads.

Thank you, memers

Apart from battling with the lurking threats of the deadly COVID-19, this entire crisis is also a test of mental toughness. We are more than grateful for our frontline workers who have been risking their lives out there to help put an end to this problem. But we are also giving it to our content creators, or any random internet person who have popularized content that has made people crack up. Dealing with lockdown anxieties is not a piece of cake. Each day we wake up, we get overwhelmed by the idea that people are dying, and our economy is falling apart, so for the sake of our mental health, we also need to take our mind off these things.

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How are you dealing with the lockdown boredom?

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