Whatever industry you’re in, we’ve been affected by the coronavirus pandemic one way or another. Even creative artists, whether fulltime or freelance, have taken some damage from the pandemic-driven economic collapse.

We don’t know about your situation, but we hope this can help.

Free creative cloud for 2 months

Adobe is giving everyone a free 2-month subscription on Creative Cloud. Yes, photographers, graphic designers, or people with no title but are interested to hear this anyway. Subscribers will be given free access to Adobe’s collection of softwares for photography, graphic design, video editing, illustration, etc.

Follow the steps to get the free 2-month subscription:

  1. Log into your creative cloud account here.


2. Go to “Plans” and cancel your subscription.

3. Go to “Offers” and look for this.

Just a reminder to cancel the subscription before the 60-day free subscription ends, or else you will be automatically billed.

As people in the creative field, we’ve seen our freelancer friends lose their gigs and even some businesses go down. We hope that this generous move by Adobe serves a great help for all of you creative peeps out there.

Do you also work in the creative field?

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