Ligo Sardines, Angkas, McDonald’s, and Jollibee are just some of the most notable brands who have been non-stop in giving support for people amidst this global pandemic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world at an alarming rate, governments have been imposing measures to combat the virus spread. Sadly, though, their efforts are not enough. The fight against the virus is everyone’s fight; authorities alone can’t handle the situation.

Good thing other sectors of society have been stepping up. Many brands today have joined the cause, and they’re helping us out is by spreading awareness on various aspects of the pandemic and sharing their assets with the people in need.

Ligo Sardines (Philippines)


Ligo Sardines has tapped into the issue of social distancing, placing emphasis on its importance in mitigating the virus spread. Using the illustration above, they have effectively depicted the idea of putting some space around yourself, as canned sardines are known to evoke the idea of ‘siksikan.’



Angkas might have been forced to temporarily stop their passenger services due to the Metro Manila quarantine, but their services to the people continue. They allowed their Angkas Padala delivery services to push through to at least aid their riders financially, who are among the myriad of workers affected by the lockdowns. Angkas has also launched their own donation drive to give donations their own riders and hospitals in the country.

McDonald’s and Jollibee



We’ve known them to be rivals, but this time, these two powerhouses of fast food chains joined forces to support riders. Many restaurants that are still allowed to operate have been limited to delivery, drive-thru, and takeout services, so they basically rely on their riders.

Jollibee Corporations has allocated 1 billion emergency funds for their employees. They have also donated 100 million worth of food to our frontline workers.

McDonald’s has provided 500 million COVID-19 response fund that would go to their employees, our frontline workers, and other marginalized sectors who have been struggling for food.

These companies have the reach. They have the money. It’s heartwarming to see these gigantic brands making use of their power and own resources to help the ones in need.

Any other brand you know who is going all-out to help?

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