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BL Series: What’s the fuss all about?

I guess many of you are aware of how all our Twitter feeds and Facebook timelines blew up this past couple of months with posts in support and ogling about ‘2gether’ and ‘Gaya Sa Pelikula’. Most of the posts contain high praises such us “You should definitely watch it!” and go on about how the plot of these stories will make your heart flutter and fall in love with the chemistry of the actors portraying the characters.

While these BL series has always been a popular genre for shows in countries like Thailand and Japan, it is just now that this is given such a huge amount of attention here in the Philippines. Considering how conservative of a country we are, the rise of these types of genre marks the likelihood of more content in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

What is “BL”?

‘Boys love’, more commonly called as “BL”, originated in Japan.

Although new to our ears, “BL” first emerged in the 1990’s to demonstrate a commercially generated type of media that depicted male to male relationships meant for women audience. Though it mostly has the connotation of being commercial, it has been progressively used as an umbrella word for women to denote all male-male romances, both commercial and non-commercial.

Despite its plot about men to men relationships, this genre is said to be followed mainly by young women because of the kilig vibes brought by the glamorous, good-looking actors portraying the characters.

Emerging genre

With that being said, BL surely is emerging during our time since it has started to gain more popularity within all walks of life.

Here are some of the up and coming BL series everyone has been raving about.

1. 2gether

2. 2cool 2 be 4gotten

3. Why R U


BL in the Philippines

There is no doubt that the BL genre continues to grow here in our country. With the widespread of all these Asian-produced BL series being distributed to various digital platforms for our viewing, some personalities and producers have started to come through with the BL trend.

Team Magazine

The first to venture in the BL genre way back 2016, Team Magazine released “Hanging Out”. Created by Petersen Vargas and Patrick Valenciano, the story show us a post coming out narrative, veering away from the traditional coming out stories.

Juan Miguel Severo

With his work, “Gaya Sa Pelikula” which talks about the story of two college students Vlad and Karl, Juan Miguel Severo ensures us the proper LGBTQIA+ representation in the whole production, especially the actors who are going to portray the character.


The company has already started releasing episodes of Game Boys, a digital series starring Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas. The story revolves around the story of two gamers who play against each other and eventually become friends and maybe something more.

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