There are comedians who are undeniably funny but also reek of nastiness, so you can not expect everyone to like them no matter how talented they are.

Then, there are comedians who are nice people but fail to pass everyone’s taste in comedy because, well, they’re too nice, so it’s no surprise if you come across someone who will throw shade at them for not being funny enough.

Then, there’s Bitoy, a.k.a. Michael V., who seems to have it all— the talent, the intelligence, the sense of humor, the class, and the perfect balance between all these. He has it all except for one thing: haters.

Bitoy is the GOAT.

So many Filipino comedians have come and gone, and by ‘gone,’ I didn’t mean passed away. Their craft just failed to withstand the test of time, and over the years they just lost it. The spark. Their ability to make the audience laugh.

People’s perception of what’s funny is evolving. In the 80’s, you could make thousands laugh by slapping your peculiar-looking co-actor in the head on TV. Today, that kind of attempt would have been met with a collective look of disapproval. “That’s corny,” someone in Gen Z would say about the joke. Ask that person what makes him laugh, he’d show you a meme about depressed Teletubbies.

Michael V., short for Beethoven Michael del Valle Bunagan, is not one of these poor, outdated souls.

I’m 22 years old now and he was the funniest person I knew in my childhood years. I still remember the joy I felt when my grandmother bought me a pirated CD of Bitoy’s song parodies. He turned Southborder’s Ikaw Nga to Isaw Nga, Kamikazee’s Narda to Mamaw, and Shamrock’s Nandito Lang Ako to May B.O. Na Ako. I can still sing a few verses of his hit DJ Bumbay, which I believe is a novelty classic that no other novelty composers could top.


Fast forward to today, Michael V. is still as relevant as ever. His works in comedy reflect the reality that the man has never been anywhere but in his A game. Bubble Gang, the longest running comedy show in the country, owes much of its success to Michael V., the show’s creative director who also appears on it and has portrayed some of the most memorable characters the gag show has produced like Yaya, Mr. Assimo, and Tata Lino, among many others.

Bitoy’s other show on the GMA network, his own sitcom called Pepito Manaloto where he’s also the main protagonist, is hailed by many as the best sitcom to ever air in the country. Even a local meme-producing community– who would understandably act snob towards mainstream shows on free TV– has shown appreciation for it.

Even the world outside of show business gets a fair share of Bitoy’s greatness. To personally connect with his fans, the Filipino comedian has ventured into vlogging. In his videos, we get to see a different side of him– the nerdy, artistic Michael V. we rarely see on TV. His content traverses a wide variety of categories, from gaming, to technology, to art– proof that there’s nothing he can’t do. He even posts some of his artworks on his social media.

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Just had the urge to colorize and repost this. Michael Jordan IS the G.O.A.T. #TheLastDance

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No haters?

To say that Michael V. has no haters would probably be an overstatement. But then, when you put him alongside other celebrities with an equally massive following and influence as him, it’s almost impossible to encounter someone who has something bad to say against him.

On top of it all, Michael V. doesn’t even try. He doesn’t try playing it safe, but he doesn’t overdo, either. His Instagram bio reads, “The only regret I’ll probably ever have is when I can’t make anyone smile anymore.” When you have a person like Michael V. around, it’s hard to imagine a world where no one is smiling anymore.

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