To our dearest supporters…


For most of us, music is an escape, a form of expression, a remedy we take to feel better and this holds true no more than the present Pandemic environment where we are all in search of truth and answers.

Here at uDOu, We have dedicated over the last 3 years towards creating a platform to promote local artists, and their events.  During these times we have been proud to introduce our Weekly Top 10 Songs supporting the OPM artists community with a focus on the up and coming rising talents in need of a voice to share their passion.

That being said, we are  grateful to our growing supporters of not just our weekly TOP 10 but for our entire platform. We take great pride and obligation in publishing quality, insightful and integrity driven content for our readers on a daily basis.  We strive to uphold these standards established and ongoing over these last 3 years.  

It is the same standards that had always been upheld across all content published with the hope of it being reciprocated by our readers and pollsters who have engaged and voted for their favourite artists’ featured in our TOP 10 polls.  

uDOu’s aim for these polls are to showcase a weekly voting engagement content that will propel a ranking of fans favorite based on their support for their favorite artist as seen on our top 10 ranking list.  

Whether it’s the first or last vote casted; each and every vote should be credibly accounted for assuring that true voice that denotes support for their favourite artist. 

Unfortunately it has been found out that our polls have been breached by outside elements in the form of dreaded bots allowing for inflated counts within the polls.

To combat and eradicate these intruders we have and will be taking the following steps:

  1. Suspending last week’s polls ( week of August 11 – August 17) ALL votes for the poll period will be voided.
  2. Restart and revote 
    • Revote period  will start September 1 – September 7
  3. All incoming votes will be Validated via our enhanced mechanics by including voter’s validation. This will safeguard against unfair elements influencing our final results.
    • Multiple votes will be continued but is limited to 10 votes a day.
    • Voters will be able to invite friends to vote for their favorite artist.

uDOu accepts full accountability of these elements entering the polling process and vows to eradicate any future voting malpractices that may affect the credibility of our platform.

Again uDOu greatly appreciates the continued and growing support from our readers. We will continue to build the future of our platform based on the integrity of our content showcasing the OPM scene we all love and desperately need right now more than ever, knowing that music is that reliable shoulder to lean on during these times.


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