Contrary to popular belief, 2020 is not an enemy.

Disaster after disaster, death after death– it’s like there’s a central theme around which the past several months have revolved. But should 2020 be the one to blame here?

Lashing out on a year is no different from blaming one’s zodiac sign for their bad behavior. It lacks accountability. It reinforces the notion that something else is in charge of our situation– something more powerful, something we can’t control– when in fact, a lot of problems we’re stressed about now could have been preventable.

Spoiler alert: 2021 can be just as bad– if not worse– if we’ll maintain the mindset that we’re victims of time and circumstances. Here are 5 reasons why you should steer clear of the belief that 2020 has been causing the world’s problems today.

2020 is just a number.


There is nothing mythical about 2020. It’s not an accumulation of dark forces conspiring against humans to punish the wicked. 2020 is no more than a combination of digits signifying how many times the earth has orbited around the sun.

It can’t touch anyone. It can’t pass you the virus. It can’t dictate how your life goes.

It’s the system’s fault.

It would be naive to say that there’s nothing or no one to blame. COVID-19 is a public health issue that got lost in political mishmashes, and now people have died and the rest continue to suffer. What started out as a small virus in Wuhan, China could have been prevented from turning into a pandemic if our leaders had acted accordingly.

No one is immortal (except for Juan Ponce Enrile).


One of the most notorious aspects of this year is the increased frequency of news headlines that involve a celebrity passing away. And each time the news reaches the public awareness, it inevitably ends with people crying out, “Tama na, 2020.”

It pains us to say this but that’s just the way it goes. Life is temporary, and all of us will eventually leave the earth. The sad thing about it is we don’t make the grand exit at the same time; we go out one by one, leaving the rest in a lifetime state of longing. It doesn’t have anything to do with calendar dates.

It’s called information overload.


It’s perfectly understandable that you’ve been spending much of your abundant free time surfing the web. We’re all bored and sick of feeling bored, and the digital space is the only place to hang out that’s not our homes. But if you feel like your life is falling apart due to all the bad things your mind has accumulated over the past couple of months, it’s your consumption of information that’s making you feel that way.

We’ve never been presented with such overwhelming amounts of disturbing realities about the world we live in, to the point that we now use Black Mirror as a metaphor to describe it. But to see it that way– that we’re living the season 6 of the notorious Netflix show instead of watching it– actually does nothing but emphasize that we’re victims of a much larger force we call 2020. And it’s not helping.

Shit happens.

That’s it. Good things happen. Bad things happen. Some people are lucky, some are not. But even when a lot of things are beyond our control, we can make decisions that will put us in a position where the good shit outnumbers the bad, where we are healthy, and we’re happy, and our minds are at peace.

One great example of that decision is voting wisely in the 2022 election. Much of the world’s suffering right now can be attributed to the global pandemic. However, it’s true that some countries are doing much better than other countries in terms of handling the pandemic crisis, and this translates to the fact that some leaders are better than the others.

The Philippines could have been in better hands, but the ones up there in power seem to be struggling with knowing their priorities. If we want a better year, a better decade, a better life, we can start off by entrusting our lives with better people.

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