5 Best Filipino Love Songs

Filipino Love songs are popular not just in the Phillipines but all over the world. Since the nineties, there are several love songs that have captured the hearts and imaginations of the music lover public. These songs range from soft, mellow songs to love ballads that range between power ones and the witty ones.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Filipino Love Songs.

Ikot Ikot is a strong love ballad by Sarah Geronimo that she belted out in 2013. Even seven years down the line, the song has an emotion that one cannot ignore. The video of the song is something unique, with the dance moves that Sarah dishes out still being used by the reality dance personalities all over Asia, if not the world. Sarah has a beautiful, strong voice and she uses it well to render the emotions that one feels in love.

Set You Free is another fresh, young love ballad that made it to several playlists when it launched about seven years ago. The song is by MYMP, and has some of the best guitar work in a Filipino song. MYMP has since then disbanded, and you will not get to hear many of their songs, since they had some contractual disputes. But this song is still available, and is one of the most comforting tones at the moment.

And if you are looking for a soulful, deep song that has all the makings of an iconic ballad, go hear Till I Met You by Angeline Quinto. There are some covers available on Youtube, but the Angeline Quinto original stands out because of the sheer depth of voice that she shows off.  The song has some beautiful lyrics as well, making it one fo the all time favorites of romantic song lovers all over the world and in the Phillipines.

More Popular Romantic Songs in the Phillipines

Ric Segreto puts all his soul and talent into this song. It has a mild but beautiful composition  and the lyrics are as heartfelt as they are meaningful. You are sure to have another hearing of the song as soon as you finish off hearing it the first time.

A good romantic tune has great composition. A great romantic tune has incredible composition and lyrics that will go with us to the grave. Stay by Daryl Ong is a simple tune with a melody that’s played out on a piano, and lyrics that are poured with sentimentality and positivity.

These are the five top romantic ballands from Phillipines since the past few years. Think we missed out on some? Tell us in the comments section. Want in on more articles like these? Make it  a point to bookmark www.udou.ph.

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