If you’re a fanatic dancer like me, I guess you’re crying in felicity as our favorite choreographer offers us her free online dance tutorial to lessen our Corona anxieties and lift everyone’s mood in times like this!

Since Corona Virus stopped us from coming to our dance classes, our beloved Chachi thought of this cute little gimmick where we could learn her classic dance moves starting yesterday until Friday of this week, at 12nn on their timezone. But to us Filipinos, it will be at almost three in the morning—perhaps, we should take a break from binge-watching and groove in Chachi’s class!

Chachi Gonzales-Hilden

To some of you who missed her first class, she taught ‘I should’ve kiss you’ together with her lovely little daughter and the class went amazing.  A lot of her online students in her class kept on appreciating and sending her gratitude messages because we absolutely missed this dance!

In case you didn’t know yet, Olivia ‘Chachi’ Gonzales is the youngest member of the crew winners of “America’s Best Dance Crew” Season 6. Her first love was ballet but surprisingly, she became fond with hip-hop and lit up the dance floor. This amazing woman did not just recognized with her crew and invitations poured out from all over the world, including to our country.


Time flies too fast, isn’t it? All we can do is to watch their dance covers and let our hearts be moved in the beat of nostalgia. However, we can still reminisce everything by attending her online class and wait for more surprise this week! Including this great news that she’ll teach with Matt Steffanina later!

You’ve read it right! It’s not too late to come and dance with Chachi through her online dance class!

What are you waiting for? Stay tuned to Chachi’s Instagram and Youtube account! We can’t wait to shake our booties and have some good mood with y’all this week!

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