All The Way Up Dance Competition is obviously a pool of talents. Of course, even the competition’s judges are extremely talented. All The Way Up round two’s judges consist of world class dancers Laurence Chua and Jhuven Aguilan as well as rising star Erin Ocampo.

Young and certainly a gem in the industry, Erin graced the All The Way Up round two’s floor with her charm and talent in dancing. During a short break in the middle of the program, host Victor Pring convinced the actress to do an impromptu dance number. The crowd cheered as Erin finally rose from her seat and, laughing, stood beside her friend Victor.

It was a spontaneous moment that she wasn’t obviously prepared for, but her natural talent and charisma glowed from the floor as two female Rock*Well dancers joined her in front of the roaring crowd. What’s more interesting is that Erin gracefully managed to pull of the unexpected number with what seemed to be six-inch heels.

All The Way Up round three is happening this Friday only at URBNQC. Be there to check out more amazing performances both from the contestants and even the judges! Be up to date by following the Afterparty facebook page so you won’t miss out anything. Also, download the Afterparty App available on both the App Store and Google Play. See you on Friday guys!