We’ve said it over and over again: kids are just the best in whatever they do. During the first elimination round, the Electrokidz stole a spot at the Wild Card round giving them a second chance to prove themselves and earn a place at the Grand Finals. As for the second elimination round, Pasig City represent Cool Kidz Crew Junior joined the teams advancing straight to the Grand Finals. For the third leg of the All The Way Up Dance Competition, we’ve got the ABC or the Addlib Beta Crew earning the URBNQC crowd’s cheer and getting another chance at the Wild Card round.

Established in 2013, this group of youngsters coming from varying backgrounds exemplify the essence of being a kid with a dream as their team says. After winning trophies and awards from competitions such as the HHI World Championships and Dancestar Philippines, these kids got way past All The Way Up round three and will prove themselves at the Wild Card Round after the eight elimination round.

As of now, we’ve got three groups of kids showing off their moves. How many more will make the cut? Tune in to the remaining five elimination rounds and start witnessing heavy talents in small packages. Start off with All The Way Up round four this Saturday only at URBNQC. Doors open at 1 PM so make sure to be there folks!