Are you ready to meet the All The Way Up Round 8 Judges?

The next dance showdown is happening this weekend and we’re giving you a sneak peak to the next All The Way Up Round 8 Judges!

If you’re a hardcore fan of the dance community, then you’ll definitely get excited to jam with our lineup for All The Way Up Round 8 Judges. And we have all the details you need about these cool peeps joining us n Saturday below!

Meet our Dance Guru!

Not only does he have the looks, but this dude is also a choreographer AND a DJ too! How awesome is that?

Rhemuel Lunio aka DJ LOONYO is returning for Round 8! And if you’re part competing teams for this Leg, then better show this guy all that you’ve got! Follow him on Instagram at @djloonyo.

We told you he’s a DJ!

Meet our gorgeous DIVA!

She’s a dancer/singer, she’s an actress. She’s the complete DIVA package!

We first saw her at the GMA7 talent show Starstruck, and now Diva Montelaba is on television performing on soap operas and dance shows. Something we really like about her? She calls herself a strong independent woman much like her idols Angelina Jolie and Nicole Scherzinger!

Follow her on Instagram @imdivamotelaba.

Watch her bust some moves with her Rockwell fam! Can’t wait to see her live!

Meet our awesome HYPE BOY!

He’s charming, he’s slick, he’s talented and he will ROCK your world!

Meet  Lawrence Chua aka Rockboi , our recurrent judge for All The Way Up. If we’ll see you on Saturday, make sure that you watch out for his intermission performances. He loves jamming with crowd!

Follow him on Instagram @law_rockboi.

Check out as Rockboi heats up stage on one of his intermission performances!

Come, join in and watch the show!

All The Way Up is a free event. So if you want to check it out, just download the AfterParty app. It serves as your ticket!

Are you excited to meet the All The Way Up Round 8 Judges? And are you excited to for the next battle? Let us know below the comments section below. And tune in as we update you with more posts on Facebook and Twitter @udouph. SEE YOU THERE!