All The Way Up Dance Competition Round 6 & 7: Rising Up To Victory

Dope threads, cool beats, and sick moves! That’s what went down at the All The Way Up Dance Competition Round 6 & 7 as they rise up to victory!

Crews left the dance floor on fire after All The Way Up Competition’s Round 5 showdown. From the outstanding choreography to the slick costumes, and down to their crazy sick beats—these dancers really know how to put on a good show! And now everyone’s just waiting for the All The Way Up Dance Competition Rounds 6 & 7!

Are you ready? Because we are proud to present what After Party and Rockwell’s ALL THE WAY UP is all about, so sneak a peek at our best highlights!

Now, get ready for ATWU Rounds 6 and 7!

No, the ATWU dance revolution doesn’t end at Round 5. It advances to Rounds 6 and 7 until our winner rises to victory, so buckle up because you’re gonna be in for a wild ride!

Here are the deets so you shouldn’t miss out on before the show!

THESE GUYS ARE NEVER GONNA BACK DOWN! Who will rise to the top? Watch as they dominate the stage on September 22, 2018 (Saturday) at URBN QC. Round 6 starts at 12 PM and ends at 5 PM, and Round 7 starts at 6 PM and ends at 9 PM!

Hosted by our very own VICTOR PRING, here are the judges for the next couple of rounds:

Judges for ROUND 6: Jhuven Aguilan, Laurence Chua (Rockboi),Young JV

Judges for ROUND 7: Bianca Rufino, Mannex Manhattan, Kenjhons Serrano

Don’t forget those votes!

We can’t stress this enough—votes are VERY important. Help your team win. And it’s as easy as downloading the AfterParty app to cast your vote.

And don’t forget, this will also serve as your ticket for the show!

Are you excited to see these talents dance their hearts out at All The Way Up Competition’s round 6 and 7? Let us know below the comments section below. And tune in as we update you with more posts on Facebook and Twitter @udouph. SEE YOU THERE!

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