Philippines represent!

Our very own World Hip Hop Dance Championships two-time medalists, UPeepz, are now owning the stage of NBC World of Dance Season 4.

After getting Derek Hough and Ne-Yo’s yes during the Qualifiers, UPeepz entered the Duels and went head-to-head with another dance crew The Rise. The now-viral preview of their routine– in which they danced to Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” and finished it by handing over a plane ticket to the other team– sent a strong message to their fans, to the judges, and most especially to their opponent: our guys weren’t going home any time soon.

“That was a plane ticket home.”

The message was well-received by the judges, especially J.Lo who acknowledged the badassery of the plane ticket concept. “I love this concept,” said Lopez. “You guys really stepped it up from the first time we saw you. It was super clean … It was such a well-choreographed, well-put-together routine.” The famous Hollywood actress-performer also appreciated the effectiveness of the tricks, specifically how they reinforced the story conveyed by the performance instead of just being put there for the sake of adding the element of danger.

Ne-yo wanted to see something more, though, as some tricks didn’t impress him as much. He specifically pointed out that “slow-down part with the backbend over,” calling it a missed opportunity for something more exciting. However, the R&B superstar admitted it was the only aspect he could comment on, and for the rest, The Rise was “going to have to work for it.”

Guest judge Stephen “Twitch” Boss was also pleased by the routine but he said he wanted to see more formations– a comment J.Lo did not fully agree with. Derek Hough, the last judge to speak, commended the concept, synchronicity, the highlights, and tricks on the performance, ending his comment with “Now we get to see your competition and see what’s up.”

The plane ticket served its purpose.

It was a close fight. The judges also loved what The Rise had to offer for the Duels: they’d chosen Pussycat Doll’s “Don’t Cha” for their music and went all-out with high heels on (a familiar style by Junior New System). Unfortunately, UPeepz’s plane ticket proved to be prophetic. The Rise were sent home, our UPeepz enter the semis!


Check out the performances of these two teams below, and feel free to share with us what you think in the comments section below!



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