AC Bonifacio is taking over the internet once again with her show-stopping dance cover of BTS’ chart-topping hit ‘Dynamite’!

Shining through the city with a little funk and soul, AC Bonifacio has caught the ‘Dynamite’ fever as she released her dance cover of BTS’ hit song on her official YouTube channel.

“I wanted to make a cover right when I heard the teaser and even more when the full song and choreography came out.”

The 17-year old Filipina performer took things to another level ‘cos this is not just another dance cover, AC is also giving us a tour of downtown Vancouver! Watch AC Bonifacio set the night alight in this vibrant dance video of ‘Dynamite’ by BTS:

AC reunites with Darren Espanto in Vancouver, Canada

AC Bonifacio recently went back to Vancouver, Canada where she got the chance to reunite with one of her good friends, Darren Espanto, who’s been in Canada since the beginning of lockdown.

Dance Princess

The Dance Kids grand champion is not new at doing dance covers. Last July, AC wowed the world with her fiery cover of another K-pop hit, BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ which as of writing already has over 5 million views.

The said dance cover didn’t just go viral on YouTube, it also reached the K-pop girl group and won second place in BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ dance cover contest.

We’re definitely in the stars tonight, thanks to AC Bonifacio lighting it up like dynamite! What can you say about her latest dance cover?

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