YouTube is a God-given gift to the dance community. Before, luck played the most part in a dancer’s career because not everyone– and only a small portion of them– could make it to the spotlight. But with the wide-open space provided by this video-sharing platform for self-expression and promotion, the playing field was leveled, and those who previously struggled to reach out to a bigger audience are now making their names known.

Thanks to YouTube and other online platforms, the world got to notice these local talents who don’t only possess killer moves and techniques but are also artistic geniuses who can interpret any song beautifully. Their choreographies are a visual spectacle that drives more and more people toward dancing.

Are you one of those who aspire to be a great dancer? Check out these 5 Filipino choreographers who will not only teach you the moves but will also shoot up your appreciation for dance as an art.

Jobert Lachica

If you want to learn and feel inspired along the way, best to go to Jobert Lachica, who is one of the most prominent Filipino dancers and choreographers today. Being able to compete in World of Dance Philippines is just the tip of the iceberg of what this guy can do. He’s also the director of Kinection and a frequent guest in different dance camps across the country.


Nesh J

Nesh Janiola, or simply Nesh J, is really knocking it out of the part with her smooth and suave dance choreographies. She’s living proof that class and swag can co-exist and, in fact, yield awe-inspiring results.


Matt x AC

The sum of two greatness combined, Matt x AC are a duo unlike any other. Individually, they are exceptional dancers who bring a beautiful story out of any song but when they wield their power together, they are an unstoppable force that can hype you up even on your lamest days. Be sure to check out their lit AF choreos!


Nikolai Balbon

Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you watch his choreography videos and end up just staring admiringly at the screen instead of, well, learning. Kidding! But you get the point: combined with his charm and smooth-as-fuck movements, his works are a beautiful sight to behold.


Adam Alonzo

Another sought-after dance teacher in the country is Adam Alonzo, whose choreographies are a mirror of all the key traits that make up a great dancer: passion, discipline, enthusiasm, and a knack for storytelling. One notable fact about him is he’s the director of TPM, a Filipino dance crew that represented the country twice in the prestigious VIBE Dance Competition. Check out his videos so you get a clearer understanding of how crazy good this man is.


Who is your favorite Filipino choreographer on YouTube? Tell us in the comments below!

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