Get to know Ez Mil, one of the loudest forces in pop culture today. 

For the last three days, the internet can’t seem to stop talking about this emerging new rapper, whose Wish performance of his track ‘Panalo’ has already garnered a whopping 12 million views as of this writing. A white-skinned boy spitting fire inside the famous Wish bus about his take on Filipino patriotism, he has been the talk of the town. His performance has given rise to an influx of reaction videos from amazed Youtubers (one of whom got too overwhelmed by emotions she became a hot target of memers– you know who I’m talking about).


So who is this guy?

Ez Mil is the music persona of Ezekiel Miller. A half Filipino, half caucasian, he was born in Olongapo in 1998 and was raised in the city until his family moved to California four years ago. Yep, you’ve heard him say it with conviction: he’s Pinoy!

Music runs in his blood. His father is Paul Sapiera, popularly known lead singer of the band RockStar, who are behind the hits “Mahal Pa Rin Kita” and “Parting Time. His mother is also an active presence in the local music industry.

As reported by Myx Global, Ez Mil’s biggest musical influences are Chris Brown and Eminem, and you can hear definitely it reflecting on many of his tunes. Local hip hop icon Gloc-9 is also a key influence in his craft. In fact, the ‘Upuan’ hitmaker is his dream collab. “His perfect flow, his strictness with flow patterns, his voice character… when I heard ‘Hari ng Tondo’, and even if you saw your video or even if you closed your eyes listening to that song, he’s the GOAT,” he said in an interview.

Ez Mil has got a diverse set of interests, from singing, writing, producing, dancing, and skateboarding. His being a fan of Chris Brown led him to work on his vocal athleticism. Consequently, it also paved way for his love for dancing. The likes of Jabbawockeez, Krump, Michael Jackson, Pop n’ Lock, Isolation (robotic dance subgenre), and B-Boy influenced his dancing style. He also plays guitar and piano.

“Panalo (Trap Carinosa)” is his most successful track to date, with over 656,000 streams on Spotify alone.

“The idea of using ‘Cariñosa’, the Philippine folk song, was an idea by my mom,” Ez Mil said of the track. “It has nostalgic memories to me in high school, when I would dance it. My teacher back then would actually praise me because I got the steps right.”

“Panalo” is one of the tracks off Act 1, one of his two albums released in 2020, the other one being “Resonances.” “Easy-Going Millions” and “Far Away From Home” are also on the album.


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