Alone Together Music Video Releases Today

In the last weeks of April, we launched the #AloneTogetherPH Challenge in partnership with TV host and OPM artist Joyce Pring-Trivino. We encouraged everyone to join by uploading a video with the dancing, singing, or just jamming with Joyce Pring’s latest song, Alone Together. The best entries would appear in the upcoming official music video.

Much to our delight, the entries came in waves as people from all walks of life gladly took part in the challenge. Dance-loving Filipinos sent in clips where they pulled off the dance tutorial we’ve provided. Those who just wanted to send out some love and positivity to the world submitted videos of them and their family members having fun with the song.

We know you’ve been looking forward to this moment. You’ve waited long enough to see you or your family and friends going all-out in the music video, which we’ve promised to release soon. The time has almost come! Watch out for the launch of the official music video for Alone Together by Joyce Pring featuring Victor Pring and DJ X Factor on our social platforms!

In the meantime, have you seen the dynamic, awesome teaser?


More challenge ahead

Coming up with the Alone Together movement, our initial purpose was to give out hope and encouragement to anyone affected by the global pandemic crisis. The line “We can be alone, together ” is repeated throughout the song; it’s a timely message, considering how we are all essentially facing the crisis alone in our respective houses, disconnected from the world, but we’re trying to pull through collectively. Through the #AloneTogetherPH challenge, we attempted to send that message across, and you helped us spread it with your talent and creativity. So thank you. We could not have done this without your help!

But the challenge does not end here.

A mental health epidemic after the pandemic

COVID-19 continues to plague communities from all over the earth. As of this writing, there are 2,312, 767 active coronavirus cases globally— overall, 271,095 lives have been claimed. As governments continue to impose strict measures to help contain and hopefully stop the spread, economies remain to suffer in conditions likened to a recession, what’s more, is that there is no real guarantee of getting better anytime soon.

Aside from posing a threat to people’s physical health, the impact of the global pandemic crisis has taken its toll on the general public’s mental wellness. With the nationwide lockdowns forcing people to stay indoors, we’ve become more prone to suffering from mental distress. As a result, cases of people suffering from varying mental conditions spike up.

And to put it into perspective, let us look at how capable the country is at handling mental health crises. The Philippines as per WHO is one of the recognized countries to be unprepared. According to a well-known clinical expert,  Dr. Angelo Jesus Arias, there are only 600 psychiatrists for a population of 100 million in the Philippines, 400 of which are in Metro Manila. This case does not look good especially for those residing in provinces. Plus, if this number already posed a challenge for the public’s mental health before the pandemic, how much more now that we are more vulnerable to psychological stress and disorder?

Another major concern is our country’s lack of sufficient infrastructure and mental health services. While there are several efforts online from government and non-government organizations with the aim of providing mental health support, these resources are not enough to ensure mental wellness for millions of Filipinos.

The challenge continues

While our #AloneTogetherPH Challenge proves to be a success, our mission as an online community does not end here. In fact, this is only the beginning. As we enter the ‘new normal’, we can only anticipate greater challenges– of recovery and healing– and getting through the next phase would be less difficult if we’d remain intact. Also, we’ve realized the importance of being able to open up about one’s mental struggles.  


And so the movement continues. We are offering U Do U as your own safe space. After all, we’ve been spending much of our time on social media, which has become toxic more than ever. Our platform will serve as your sanctuary where you can stay connected to society without getting pulled into a downward spiral.

#Vibe Check!


The new normal calls for a massive adjustment from all of us, and through Alone Together’s Vibe Check, we’re equipping you with the right mindset to help you adapt. In the next few weeks to come, we will be having discussions led by experts on how to prepare yourself as you welcome the big, overwhelming changes ahead. We’ll be publishing resources about coming to terms with the post-pandemic world– emotionally and mentally. If you have questions regarding your mental wellness, experts on various branches of mental health would gladly help you understand your mind better.

A big thanks to everyone who joined #AloneTogether! How are you coping with the pandemic crisis?

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