Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa draws flak on social media for his “Sarap ng Buhay” statement that critics found to be insensitive.

“Sarap ng huhay! Sarap ng huhay! Ganito na lang tayo palagi ah!” said the senator as he celebrated the early suspension of the hybrid plenary session on Tuesday. The hearing happened via Cisco Webex, which was attended by his fellow lawmakers.

The clip showing the lawmaker’s statement quickly circulated online, enraging netizens. They found the remark to be insensitive– another one of the many reasons why the man did not deserve to be given a seat in the senate.

A critic named M.A. Buendia took to Twitter and expressed his sentiments. “Bato dela Rosa getting a seat in the senate is one of Philippine politics’ biggest clownery. It shows what a joke this country has become. In a thinking society, he wouldn’t even get elected as a Bgy. Captain. But of course, that’s democracy. The majority put an idiot into power.”

Bato’s controversial remark came at a very bad timing: as of this writing, the Philippines has recorded a total of 14,669 confirmed coronavirus cases. While our neighboring countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand have been effectively flattening the curve, the pandemic situation in our country looks far from being resolved. Worse, our economy continues to suffer as businesses shut down, and millions of Filipinos are going hungry.

“What makes this so enraging is that Bato had the audacity to tease us with something we already know– na ang sarap ng buhay ng mga hintay-sweldo pero nganga sa trabaho,” said a displeased citizen on Twitter. “His stressing the shameful obvious more than paying attention to people’s silenced grievances is corruption.”

Another enraged Twitter user said, “SANA ALL MASARAP ANG BUHAY EH NO SIR? Restless Frontliners can’t even go to their families battling this crisis Thousands have lost their income, some struggle and beg just to have something for their family to eat. And there you are, well-sheltered, well-fed, safe and sound…”

What do you think about Sen. Bato Dela Rosa’s “Sarap ng Buhay” remark?


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