Not everyone has experienced LDR, which is short for Long Distance Relationships.

Not everyone has had to resolve LQ’s with their significant other from miles away. Not everyone has had to face extended bouts of longing for their lover’s touch, smell, laughter, and voice. Many couples have stayed by each other’s side from the get-go, accustomed to having their physical presence around. That is why when the global pandemic crisis suddenly called for an enhanced community lockdown and mandatory social distancing, not everyone knows how to adapt, especially couples who are newbies in the LDR setup.

Take it from the geniuses.

Well, LDR veterans, we are not saying you’re lucky because you also had to endure hardships during your first time, but this pandemic-driven setup is probably child’s play to you now.

And so, we’ve asked some of our friends and colleagues who know exactly what it feels to be forced to love their baes from afar. Here are some do’s and dont’s when making your long-distance relationships work in the middle of the most stressful year in modern history.

Do communicate regularly, but don’t overdo.

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It may feel like a need to constantly check up on each other, but don’t overpressure yourself into thinking that time spent away from each other is wasted time. Sometimes when you planned to video chat at a particular time and one of you is unable to show up, this may cause frustration, which then could result in a fight. 

Take it easy. Quality communication is more valuable than the number of minutes you’ve spent Skyping each other. When you’re able to connect digitally, savor the moment. 

Don’t focus on the negatives.

Take this as an opportunity to better yourselves and your relationship. Change is not always bad. In fact, if you’re new to LDR, this may pose a challenge to both of you that allows you to work on various aspects of your relationship like trust, honesty, and communication. Plus, spending some time apart may expand your appreciation for each other.

Don’t rely on technology alone.

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Send them postcards or homecooked meals. If you’re in the metro, there are several delivery apps that still get to operate, and you can send them stuff you’ve brought online to make them feel your presence outside of Skype and Facebook. We tend to get caught up in our digital lives that we forget that there’s life outside of it. 

In these trying times, our relationships with people also get tested. But instead of feeling bad over the “new normal” and wait for some magical event to save us, we should be the ones taking responsibility for our fate. The global pandemic is something new to us, but challenges have always been part of our relationships. Let’s act responsibly and be mature enough to respond to the challenges that come along the way.

Are you also currently experiencing LDR?

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