Veteran journalist Howie Severino was detained by Quezon City law enforcers for pulling down his mask to drink water


The renowned journalist, Howie Severino, took to Facebook to narrate his now-viral experience. According to him, he was riding with photographers Jilson Tiu and Chris Linag. They then met Luis Liwanag and bought refreshments from a shop nearby. Severino, with a hint of sarcasm, has this to say,

We were all wearing masks. We bought drinks at the store next door, and drank them after pulling down our masks below the mouth (because we have not learned to drink yet with masks on)

As he was taking a drink, his mask was obviously pulled down. Before he could pull his mask up, at least three vehicles of QC law enforcers arrived to tell him that he was not using his mask properly. Severino along with his companions was then brought to Amoranto Stadium for a seminar on the virus.

Netizens quipped that Howie Severino should have done this instead.

It was in Amoranto when Severino explained that he is a recovered COVID-19 patient and has been tested negative three different times since then.

The main point of taking people to a mass gathering in a stadium is to raise awareness to control the spread of the virus. The intent is good however, Severino questioned the execution.

If anyone were to ask me, I would say that this punitive approach may even increase the risk of infection by unnecessarily creating mass gatherings of people who were stopped from earning a living or taking care of kids or doing other essential things.

Severino has been infected with the virus and has already recovered, and added that the efforts for contact tracing might need more attention compared to enforcing the requirement to wear masks. Other than that, he appreciates that Quezon City was being proactive, knowing that the city is an epicenter of the infection.

What do you think about his detention?

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