Help the youth and join this online auction featuring Prof. Arnulfo Esguerra artworks

Education should be within the grasp of every young person. Sadly, online education is not for everyone.

Education is one of the most struggling sectors during this COVID-19 pandemic. As physically attending school remains highly dangerous, one of the key solutions the government has come up with is by implementing online education, through which teachers will hold classes via the internet.

Unfortunately, not all households can afford to cope with this new setup. Given the crisis our economy is facing, this would be especially hard for middle to low-income families who would have to spend to buy gadgets for their children to use. Plus, internet access in the country remains expensive and slow. Children will definitely suffer.

Join the cause

Youth Initiative Philippines (TYI PH), is a non-profit youth organization dedicated to youth empowerment. They also have been actively engaging the Filipino communities in various projects to support various struggling sectors in the country. Over the past few months, TYI PH has raised a total of 380,535.48 funds with their first three donation drives. They were able to provide face masks, scrub suits, hazmat suits, alcohol, and other supplies for hospitals all over the country.

Now, the organization is gearing towards supporting the Filipino youth as they cope with the complexities of online schooling. Their fourth initiative is driven by the mission to provide gadgets, school supplies, and personal hygiene materials to help the beneficiaries of Child Hope Philippines. They are currently accepting donations whether cash-in or in-kind until September 29, 2020.

One of their avenues for earning funds is through an online auction of Mr. Arnulfo Esguerra’s Chinese watercolor masterpieces. He is a retired professor of Archaeology, Philippine and Asian History, and History of Medicine of the University of the Philippines Manila, and a prolific practitioner of Chinese watercolor painting.


The online auction features Prof. Esguerra’s 20 intricate watercolor masterpieces. For those interested in bidding for any of the pieces, you may input your offer by contacting The Youth Initiative Philippines via messenger, SMS, Viber, or E-mail with the following information:

Title/s of Artwork/s with Bidding Offer/s
Full Name
Mobile Phone Number
1 Photo of Official ID
E-mail Address

You may view the progress of the bidding at this link.

The Youth Initiative Philippines will be announcing the auction winners on Septemeber 30, 2020. For more inquiries, you can contact them via their Facebook page @TheYouthInitiativePH.

* Details on the donation drive provided by TYI PH via a press release.

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