Master rapper Gloc-9, greatly appreciated for lending his voice to different social causes, is back for another important message.

This time, the 43-year-old hip-hop icon is singing his heart out with UE Jam Sessions for a collaborative project dedicated to the unsung heroes that have remained strong and persistent through the uncertainty of times: our frontline workers. While life today has been at its nearest to how it was pre-pandemic, there’s one thing that, unfortunately, still hasn’t changed: our health workers are struggling as the COVID-19 cases in the country continue to climb up.

Gloc-9, together with the featured main artists UE Jam Sessions, delivers a heartwarming anthem to our modern-day heroes titled ‘Lalaban Tayo (The Renewal of Honors)’. The award-winning singer-songwriter is one of the many voices you can hear in this acoustic, stripped-down track. As if saving the best for last, Gloc-9’s verses come by the end of the song– a masterfully written piece that upholds the spirit of Filipino bayanihan shining through in these trying times.

“At kung hindi na makalakad,
ika’y aakayin / lagi mong tandaan na makakaasa ka sa akin.”

UE Jam Sessions is here to remind everyone to stay safe in the comforts of your homes for it would be of great help to all our frontliners who have their hands full at this time of pandemic,” shares Executive Producer Tommy Tanchanco. “Amidst COVID-19, we must keep our spirits high and face the battle head-on. Hence, through music, we extend our gratitude to our modern-day heroes.

Additionally, UE Jam Sessions, an organization from the Univerity of the East, are dedicating this special anthem to anyone who has been part of outreach programs and donation drives for people and communities immensely affected by the on-going pandemic crisis in the country. In a collective statement, the group says, “We salute and applaud your continuous dedication to serve our fellow countrymen during this difficult time. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you have been putting over the past months. Lalaban at lalaban pa rin tayo.”

To experience this powerful collaboration between Gloc-9 and UE’s talented singers and musicians, you can check out the track below!


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