The people that surround us during the enhanced community lockdown can either help us keep our sanity in place or make us wanna disregard the quarantine rules and escape the house asap.

From foreign shows to local teleseryes, these are five characters who would have made this quarantine less unbearable if only they were real people.

Janet from The Good Place


They say having plants in your house helps keep the positive ambiance spreading. This virtual, all-knowing, ever-present assistant has an unlimited supply of cacti.

Well, she’s got everything, literally. Ask her whatever you desire, such as a pillow made of chocolate that sings lullabies, and you’ll have it in a second. Why are we even discussing this? She’s basically a God, and you can ask her to make COVID-19 disappear. 

Eric from Sex Education


A queer icon, Erik’s wit and bubbly personality will make sure boredom knows its place. If you have a poor sense of fashion, he can also teach you ways to dress up fabulously. Once the pandemic is over, who knows? You might be the next fashion influencer on IG.

Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones


If you’re one of those people who are using this quarantine as an opportunity to learn new skills and build new hobbies, then having Tyrion as your lockdown pal would be just like having a professor beside you, 24/7. Just give him something to drink, and he’ll talk to you about deep, meaningful stuff. When this quarantine is over, you’ll get out of it smarter.

Teddie from Four Sisters and A Wedding


She’s mama’s favorite for her sense of humor. Entertainment-wise, having her around would brighten up your day. Plus, her experience as a maid in Spain would help you with the household chores.

Lola Flora from Ang Probinsyano


She may not be as funny and as youthful as the ones above, but rest assured that your peace of mind is in good hands when you’re with her. She’s exceptional at uplifting people, and she’ll make sure you’re connected to your spirituality. Just look at her grandson, Cardo Dalisay, who’s been through hell a thousand times and still walks around like a boss.

Who among these characters would you love to be your quarantine buddy?

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