In his latest vlog, comedy actor Michael V. revealed that he has tested positive for COVID-19

Michael V. or Bitoy took to YouTube to confirmed the news that he tested positive for COVID-19. On his vlog titled “#BitoyStory29: Positive, he said had been experiencing flu-like symptoms, and immediately started isolating in his room while documenting his daily routine.

“Syempre nag-isolate na agad ako, nag-quarantine na agad ako. I took medicine, nagpa-check up ako sa doctor online,” he said.

He divulged that he began losing his sense of smell and as a result, couldn’t taste food properly.

“Isa sa mga symptoms ng COVID is yung lost of smell and taste. I was afraid that it could be something like that,” 

You can watch his vlog below,


He got officially tested for COVID-19 along with his wife at St. Luke’s Medical Center. And last July 18, already his 8th day of isolation, he received his test results and it came back positive.

“Alam kong hindi normal yung nawala yung pang-amoy ko and I was counting na may kinalaman talaga yun sa COVID but I was praying na wala but it turns out… tutuloy lang natin mga sinabi sa ‘tin na kailangan gawin and we’ll get through this. We’ve been through worse. Sobrang nami-miss ko na yung pamilya ko,” Bitoy shared on his vlog.

About halfway through the video, the veteran comedian is shown taking a swab test on July 15.  He can be seen consulting a doctor for confirmation of his test result three days later. He showed a screenshot of the email which read: “SARS-COV-2 (causative agent of COVID-19) viral RNA detected.”

“That’s it, positive, just as what we suspected early on,” Bitoy announced, right after talking to his doctor.

Despite the tragic news, ever the optimist, Bitoy ended his video on a positive note. He thanked his supporters as he goes through this difficult challenge. The comedian said that he will continue the process of battling the disease.

Get well soon, Bitoy!

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