Are we gonna quit feeling sorry for ourselves and start adjusting to the New Normal? Or we’re gonna just sit back here, cry until we become a fossil?

Of course, even after COVID-19 destroyed everything for us, we’re still choosing to live.

We can’t change the past

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If a time machine were an option, we would have gone back in time, hunted down the origin of the COVID-19, and prevented all this pandemic mess from happening at all. Whether it was invented inside a Chinese lab as a bioweapon or it simply started when some disgusting man ate a bat soup which, then, launched a domino effect that crushed everything in its wake, humanity would have avoided such insanity.

But. no. Time travel only exists in dreams. At least, for now. And so far, we are left with no other choice but to follow a now meme-fied slogan popularized by Bear Gryll’s film Heartbreak Ridge

The New Normal

As of this writing, has recorded 2,501,907 coronavirus cases worldwide. 171,735 of these infected people had unfortunately passed away. In the Philippines alone, we have 6,599 total cases, 437 dead and 654 recoveries. While some of us celebrated the fact that the number of recovered patients had finally outnumbered deaths, still, our records don’t seem impressive at all. In fact, our fatality rate is still scary compared to some neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

From a public health crisis, we are now also facing a full-blown economic crisis. And its impact on our daily lives has caused a massive call for adjustment from anyone, no exception. Businesses have closed down. Public transportation has been called off due to the nationwide travel ban. So many Filipinos have lost jobs are now struggling to make ends meet.

Never in our wildest dreams have we foreseen something like this, and now here it is, and we don’t know what to do with it. But despite the uncertainties, we must act and do something, because that’s basically how we’ll live.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

It’s definitely a tough challenge, but this life today is what we have. COVID-19 has brought society on its knees, but if we would remain in that kneeling, self-pitying position, surviving would be much harder.

We cannot go back in time and fix it, and our future looks bleak– all things considered. But let’s set aside our collective fear of the unknown and act responsibly. Face the reality front of us, no matter how ugly it is. Be creative enough to look for ways how we can climb back up from this hell, and be resilient enough to recover from any adversity that comes along the way.

How are you dealing with the pandemic crisis?

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