Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become people’s main medium of communication in this new norm. Apart from bridging physical distances by connecting us through technology, these digital places have also become our go-to place to get information about the world around us.

However, with over three months of being stuck within the confines of our own houses with nothing much to do but stay on social media sites, we have become very prone to information overload– that’s if we’re not suffering from it already. Also known as ‘infobesity’, it results in stress and anxiety which can grow into more alarming mental health conditions.

That is why there are suggested practices on how to manage and reduce your screentime. Activities like reading, watching movies, and building new hobbies can greatly help you deal with social media dependency. Better yet, you can even start social media detoxification– cut Facebook and Twitter out of your life completely, for a day, a week, a month– however short or long you can go. If you’re wondering how else you could distract yourself given that staying online has been your coping mechanism during these difficult and uncertain times, well, we’re not taking your cellphone off your hands. There are other mobile applications that you could devote your time to. Although they don’t offer entertaining memes, loud noisy group chats, and comment sections where you can trash talk those you disagree with, they can provide you something greater– peace of mind.

Here are 5 mobile apps you can download right now if you want some mind-friendly distractions, a platform that’s good for your mental wellbeing, or both.


The leading global app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation, this mobile app offers a wide array of content that helps users sleep better, manage stress and anxiety, and deal with other mental health struggles. Recently, they added Disney instrumentals to their music library you could listen to when you wanna drift off to sleep peacefully.


MoodKit is an app that offers tools designed to help users improve mood and wellbeing, making use of the principles and techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). It provides wellness activities that fall into one of five categories: Productivity, Social, Enjoyment, Physical, and Healthy Habits. Moodkit guides the user in navigating negative thoughts and provides space for keeping track of symptoms.


Offered both in a website and mobile app form, Happify is a self-improvement program that provides effective, science-based activities to help you deal with stress and overcome negative thoughts and other life’s challenges. It also promises to help you break old habits and build new ones for better mental wellbeing. 


This free-to-download app was developed to be a “personal mindfulness coach” helping you regulate your emotions throughout the day. By offering inspirational quotes, meditation exercises, and a community of people with the same goal as you, the Happier app aims to help you develop a more positive outlook in life.


Well, another therapeutic activity is immersing yourself in entertainment. Choose among thousands of films, shows, and documentaries from a wide variety of genres and binge-watch your worries away. Worlds within these stories can serve as an escape from the stressful reality we have today.

How are you coping with the pandemic crisis so far?


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