The Chuzi App is now live and available on the Google App Store and for the iOS. The app is one of the few apps aimed towards the dance community. It has some unique offerings for the dance community, and that makes it a must-have for anyone who’s interested in the world of dance.

The app is fast gaining traction and has some of the most promising talents from the world of dance and entertainment making an impact on the audience. With the Chuzi app, everyone has the key to tap and bring forward their true potential.

Since we first thought of the app, we have been asked this question several times, why we built the Chuzi app fo dancers. That’s not a difficult question to answer, though the answer is a bit long. So long that we needed an article to do justice to the query. So, without further ado, here’s the answer to the question:

  • Why we built the Chuzi App for the dancers?

The Chuzi App comes from experience. With the lockdown and the pandemic crippling the entertainment world, we needed an app that kept the dance performers active and in touch with their fan base. The Chuzi app is the simplest and fastest way for a dance performer to do that. All they need to do is post a video and promote it on their social networks. And soon, they will create an independent fan following for themselves. All performers want an audience that they can connect with freely and the Chuzi app does just that.  It is one of the largest audiences an entertainer can get today

  • Chuzi offers a unique aspect

Another unique aspect that Chuzi offers is the challenge functionality. With this, the dancers can post a video on the app and then challenge the other dancers on the app. This creates a unique competitive and positive vibe for the performers and the audience.  This is one of the first times that dance performers aren’t just uploading their videos, but they can create a positive competitive environment with other dance performers. With the challenge aspect, Chuzi is the only app that sets up dance challenges between performers and creates a connect among various performers and the audience.

One of the basic requirements for a performer and entertainer is an audience. It is a bit difficult for performers to connect with an audience, so Chuzi works towards connecting the performers with the audience.

  • Chuzi has a brand new audience

Chuzi is an app that’s active in two countries. So, there’s a whole new audience that’s just waiting to view the videos that you are creating. And this audience isn’t just made up of people who love dance, but even those individuals who are content creators in their own right. This ensures that you have an audience that knows what it wants and will also help you achieve what you are looking for.

  • Chuzi is Free!

The Chuzi app is free, and has a dedicated team working on making it the go-to app for dance communities around the world. So, we built the app so that you can pay attention to your creating great content, while we work on making it available to a diverse range of dance communities around the world  – and all this for free!

Downloading the Chuzi app is free. Once you have downloaded the app, you can upload your dance videos and challenge the other performers.  The Chuzi app is one of the few ones that offer this functionality, making it a unique app that caters to the dance community like none other.

Enjoyed the article? Get set to enjoy a dance competition platform like none other, download the Chuzi App Now.