Dancers all over the world rejoice! You now have a global platform that allows you to promote your dance videos and create a whole new following for yourself. How does that happen? Read on to know all and more about the Chuzi dance challenge App.

The Chuzi App is the only dance competition online app that’s now live. The app is currently signing up dance performers from Phillipines and other countries to create an elite group of dance performers. The Chuzi app is strikingly different from the other dance apps out there because a USP – the Chuzi App is a dance challenge platform. So, you don’t just create videos and upload them on the platform, you also challenge the other dance pioneers, creating a healthy and engaging environment for everyone. The best part about the Chuzi app is that it’s free.  You don’t have to pay any subscription fees or any other kind of membership fees. All you need to do to get on the bandwagon is to create an account and start making videos, inviting your friends and working towards creating a fanbase.

Here are the highlights of the Chuzi dance challenge App:

  •  Rebrand and Repost Your Existing Dance Videos

If you have existing dance videos, you can upload them on the Chuzi platform and create a fan following with those. You can also use those videos  to challenge other dance performers. With this, you can create an inventory on the platform, out of your existing videos. With the Rebrand and Repost functionality, you can reuse your older videos and create more challenges and user experiences for  your fans and friends.

  • Challenge Other Dance Enthusiasts

Another unique aspect of the Chuzi app is the capability to challenge the other performers.  This creates a unique experience – where you can challenge other dance performers, all from the comforts of your house.  And of course, you don’t just challenge and forget. With the challenges, you win points, and the more the number of points, the higher you are on the Chuzi leaderboards – making more dance enthusiasts have a look at your mad dancing skills.

  • The Leaderboards for the Creators

The Chuzi App has the leaderboards, that puts the winners of the dance challenges out right and center, allowing them to create a fan following that’s organic, vibrant and engaged on the app at all times. The leaderboards are updated regularly, and changes with each of the challenges. So, you have the opportunity to rise higher and higher on the leaderboards, ensuring that more and more people – including your fans see your phenomenal growth.

  • Leaderboards for the Voters

The Chuzi app has several unique aspects, and one of them is a leaderboard for the voters. Yes, even if you haven’t yet decided to start your journey in the world of dance, you can still win points by voting on other dance challenges and engage with the dancing community. The Chuzi app is the one of the few that have a leaderboard for the ones who are voting. This means, even the voters have a leaderboard, so that viewers can see the kind of videos that you like and the votes that you have given.

  • Make New Videos

It goes without saying, the more videos you make and the more challenges you throw, you will gain traction within the dance  comm unity with the Chuzi dance challenge app. So, make sure that you make the videos and post them on the app. Once you have done that, make sure that you throw the challenges, so that the other dance contestants know about you and your talent.

The best tips that we can give to the dance enthusiasts and performers to make their time on the app a success is make quality videos and try to garner as many votes as possible. Make it a point to share information about the app and your videos on your social networks, so  that you can tap into the fanbase that already exists on other platforms and invite them to the Chuzi dance challenge app.

  • Most Important Tip:

Also, another important tip is to create high quality videos so that the audience has a good viewing experience. Of course, you don’t need to go out of your way to create kick-can content. Even the budget phones nowadays offer 4K recording.   All you need is the right type of content to garner a following on the Chuzi app.

So, get ready to make some epic dance videos and challenge others in the dance fraternity. Download the app now!